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  • newporttrad newporttrad Mar 23, 2014 9:42 AM Flag

    hope to buy at 3.00-3.15

    I thinks there will be a knee jerk reaction tomorrow morning. I think the stock will show initial weakness due to the fact that alot of folks were expecting a profit this quarter. I think DRAM will be profitiable HOPEFULLY in the next quarter or by the 3rd quarter but I think there will be some folks that are disappointed by the fact that they are still losing some money, albeit less than the previous quarter.

    That said, I do agree with one of the posters that if you can buy this at 3.00 or 3.25 in that range, and trade it to 3.90 or so, hey that is a 20-25 percent gain. Try getting that in the bank, however, with the wait and see on profitability, and the fact that they did issue some not alot, but some shares at 3.00, I do think that DRAM will not really pop until a positive announcement of some sort, or a good earnings report.

    I do think it is a good trading stock if you can steal it in the low 3's or lower, and sell in the high 3's.

    I just do not see the catalyst to move this to the mid 4 to 5 range now that earnings are out. But hey, I hope I am wrong. Good luck

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    • Does it really matter, be it 3 or 3.50? ; if they go profitable and it jumps to $30-$50MC easy with REVs they have...who cares

    • Agree, the catalyst is already come and gone. The recent pump, and the rest of the dump, tomorrow, is almost full circle. Funny how that works over and over, and sure there will be another one. Wouldn't surprise me to see it drop to before pump levels of 2.40.

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      • As a concerned investor, will you be able to reply to my queries?

      • I'm not convinced that it will drop under $3.00. The market cap is allready under 9 million and their has been alot of new catalyst put in place in the last year that will fuel growth. Tomorrow might be the day that forward sales start to get baked into the price. We'll see.

      • True, the catalyst is gone. What is going to provide the excitement?? A good non bs press release or good earnings and revenues in the coming months. I hope it does go to 2.50 or 2.75 because I do think you can ride it to 3.75 from there and that would be sweet. With the float being what it is, it would not take a lot to drop this to the 2.75 level and then pop back up the same day to close over 3.25.

        To be honest, I was surprised that the stock did not drop instantly to 3.00 on the announcement last week of the issuance of more shares at 3.00. Not that it was a ton of shares, but just the price itselft surprised me a bit. I thought for sure the price would go to 3, but go figure.

        The one thing that I do believe is that tomorrow will be an opportunity to maybe pick up shares cheap and day trade it for a tidy profit, not that I am a day trader. I do believe that after tomorrow, things will be boring for a while until more news comes out.

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