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  • flick.rick flick.rick Feb 22, 2008 10:00 AM Flag

    Hello from A POD user

    Hello everyone. I am a type 1 diabetic, I am 53. I have been using the POD for nearly 8 months now.

    I love this thing. At times I forget that I even have it on. It is waterproof (the others are water resistant and require removal to take a shower or swim etc).

    The user interface of the controller leaves a little to be desired, but hey is there any electronic device that doesn't have it' plus's or minus's.

    At my current usage level, I have to replace the POD every 2 day's or so. I have run into some manufacturing issues with POD errors or occlusions. Insulet has been very easy to work with in replacing defective units (approximately 8 or 9 units) over the last 6 months.

    This rate of failure is acceptable to me (considering the number of POD's I have used) for the 90 plus pod's I have used.

    I am vey impressed with the technology and specifically the company. I hope they grow very large and make lot's of money.

    My insurrance company paid for everything up front and charges me 10% of the cost for replacements (about 140.00 or so) every 3 months.

    I hope the next product upgrade is the built in sensor so that I don't have to measure my sugar level and it can run automatically.

    I am also still waiting on the ability to download information to my PC so that I can track my usage better.

    When I went to the Endo they had all the models from various manufacturers to choose from. I selected the OmniPOD because of the freedom it gves me to do things without concern for the tubes and controllers. I think the POD's are about 30.00 each and the controller was 750.00. This is a very small price compared to the other units considering you have to replace the canula and attachment patch every time you shower or every 3 day's (the cost to me works out to be the same or lower).

    My nephew (who is 16 now) realy wants one of these but he has to wait until he is allowed to get a new one by the insurrance company. He like's the idea that when you have it on, no one knows and you do not have to remove it to take a shower or modify your cloth's to hide the pump/controller (you know how teenagers are.

    Just thought I would sign in here and give the views of an adult user.

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