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  • pinecone000 Sep 21, 2009 5:42 PM Flag

    yahoo yanks posts

    lets see how long this one lasts. i have been a podd holder from 1 month after the ipo. knew of the company at least 1 year before going public. i posted that i was worried about the planed TAX on med. devices to pay for (obamas) health care bill and this could hurt the bottom line of the company, and also if this device would be covered under it. this should be a BIG concern for stock holders. yahoo deleted it. can't trust anyone or any entity anymore in this country. hope all you podd users fare well.

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    • yahoo didn't delete your post. There's no reason to think insurance wont pay for pumps. podd's bigger worry is it costs them too much to make the podd's and competition is coming.

    • I do not believe they pulled it due to your comments about PODD. Probably the Obama's "creatures" terminology that some might interpret as racist?

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      • pinecone000 Sep 22, 2009 7:16 PM Flag

        you could be right, it was a bit overboard but on target, racist, why, because i have an opinion, i think not. no anti bush posts on yahoo ANYWHERE ever get pulled no matter what they say. this article from IBD is what i mean about (creatures) that surround this administration. i care what happens to my investments and my country, and not in that order. have posted a bit here from the beg. and never anything political. lets see how long this one lasts. and thanks for the reply

        Radicals Wrote Failed Stimulus

        Posted 09/21/2009 07:05 PM ET

        Policymaking: If the stimulus isn't working, perhaps it's because it was largely written by a collection of leftist interest groups called the Apollo Alliance that counts among its directors a co-founder of the Weather Underground.

        The Labor Department reported Friday that 42 states lost more jobs than they gained in August, and that 14 plus Washington, D.C., reported unemployment rates of 10% or more.

        Michigan's rate rose to 15.2%, highest in the nation. Nevada, represented by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is second with 13.2%. California, home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is tied for fourth with Oregon at 12.2%.

        Clearly, the stimulus bill that no congressman read is not working. As it turns out, no congressman may have written it either. It's largely the creation of a coalition of leftist organizations called the Apollo Alliance, whose primary interests are saving the Earth, environmental justice and redistributing wealth. They are not friends of job-creating capitalism.

        On Apollo's Web site, Sen. Reid, whose state also leads in foreclosures, is quoted praising the group of which former green czar Van Jones was a board member.

        "We've talked about moving forward on these ideas for decades," Reid is quoted as saying. "The Apollo Alliance has been an important factor in helping us develop and execute a strategy that makes great progress on these goals and in motivating the public to support them."

        Jones, the former Oakland, Calif., community organizer and self-avowed communist, was on the board of the Apollo Alliance when he accepted the position in the Obama administration as green jobs czar.

        As Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity told Glenn Beck, Jones has "described the Apollo Alliance mission as sort of a grand unified field theory for progressive left causes" that would tie elements of organized labor with community organizers and environmental groups into an outfit that would restructure American society.

        Wade Rathke, founder of Acorn, was also on the Apollo board, as is Gerald Hudson, vice president of the Service Employees International Union, which provides the shock troops in the movement to pass government-run health care.

        John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Clinton and now president of the leftist Center for American Progress, also sits on the Apollo board. Each day his group sends out talking points to the left side of the blogosphere. Mark Lloyd, diversity czar at the Federal Communications Commission, was a senior fellow at CAP.

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