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  • concepcionlacefield concepcionlacefield Nov 2, 2010 10:13 AM Flag

    When the bulls run where will PODD be?

    I'm watching PODD's moves at , which has given me good trade strategies in the past.

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    • Haha oh now big banker men don't screw the retail shorts.

    • Your totally wrong, a I am not even in the USA, second to this I work in the oil & Gas industry, so have no idea about inside information, your problem is you dont read enough, which is a shame as it is easy to access any companies history and dealings including there financial aspects, sadly your just another one of those that make up whatever you think suits the day, check the facts and then make real comments, your just out of touch with the real world. This company has a product that helps people, in turn others can also make some money by investing, in helping them you may get some rewards. Why do you have you a large chip on your shoulder.

    • Dont watch too long if you want to buy I would do it soon cos you wont be able to afford these shares soon

    • Dont be silly PODD is going places just watch this space

      • 1 Reply to peter4511
      • Agree! Investors will not see these prices for too long. Insulet is coming out with a smaller pod extremely soon, and even though there is a delay with DEXCOM C.G.M. investors really do not understand that this should be to no surprise. Insulet Management has said for quite sometime that the integration has a tentativedate which means it could take 1 month, 6 months or a year. If you look at the big picture, Insulet is years ahead of Medtronic patch pump (which won't even get approved by 2013 if that. Medingo which does not even have a sales force etc.. It takes years and many trial and errors for a company to perfect the distribution of an insulin pump, which Insulet has done. As far as the integration process goes it will take some time for that to go as well. Yes Medtronic has the technology (paradigm, Guardian) but look at it compared to the DEXCOM or Navigator and Omnipod. It doesn't even compare. Insulet Omnipod is one of the most revolutionary products to hit the diabetes landscape for quite some time. Insulet has over 25,000 patients on Pod and is growing tremendously throughout Europe/Asia. Insulet has perfected its pump dynamic but FDA is just trying to make sure integration with DEXCOM or Navigator is secure. Remember integrated closed loop technology is brand new and Insulet is not only light years ahead of their competition but has most innovative technology as well. Dexcom will not hold Insulet back. Remember another CGM called Navigator will be back on market very soon and its also a perfect fit for Pod. In summary, Insulet will keep growing the base pump users and patients who use cgm will still continue to use Dexcom or navigator with Pod. In the near future Pod will be able to have integration with CGM but everyone needs to relax and remember how revolutionary Omnipod is and how Omnipod changed the lives of people with Diabetes. Good stuff to come!!


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