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  • fonzi6744 fonzi6744 Mar 18, 2011 6:54 PM Flag

    Cramer Pumps Pump

    says DXCM and PODD are buys. Something about combining technologies

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    • Yes, I saw that show. I took a great interest in it because he said the two companies were going to work their technology (One a insulin pump and one a glucose monitoring system) to make an artificial pancreas. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and just the thought of that to free me from constantly checking my blood sugar would be a real technology break through. That is why I keep looking at it and asking questions.
      Now reality has set in. The FDA would certainly require this technology to be thoroughly tested and that would likely take years. There would also be an extreme danger if this system did not work perfectly. The sugar lows could cause accidents and even deaths and the same with the sugar highs. I am afraid this technology is still just a desirable dream for now and the far future.

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      • brentwoodj May 19, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

        The only problem is that Cramer doesn't know what he's talking about.
        I wear both an Omnipod and a Dexcom. Both technologies are great innovations but not perfect.
        It is my understanding that Animas (Owned by J&J) will be releasing an upgrade to their Ping pump that will integrate the Dexcom.

        My understanding is that it will alarm and have an automatic cutoff if the glucose levels fall below a specified level, however it will not increase the delivery of insulin when the level rises. this is because it is more dangerous in the short term to have very low sugar than a high for a short time.

      • I'm not sure its perfection they are looking for. I saw a show (I think 60 minutes) where someone was talking about the smart phone being the next health monitor. Rather than when you get a physical which is just a snap shot in time it paints a much clearer portrait of your health when something is consistently monitored (sugar, cholesterol, lipids etc).

        I think people will pay much closer attention to their habits with such a technology. This product could be a mass appeal thing for those (healthy or not) interested in monitoring their health. IMHO, I give it 2 years before we see this technology in a smart phone...whether it's PODD's or not is another story.

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