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  • ankara1967 ankara1967 Mar 19, 2002 12:03 PM Flag

    Situation HOPELESS

    I think the whole country is going down with Lucent. The whole corporate structure is corrupt and greedy people at Wall street now want common people's retirement money. Greed made this country a super power, but it is going to bring its end also. Do you think there will ever be any foreign money flowing to US after a company like LU goes bankrupt. You better start worrying about your children and family.
    And shorts, this is for you: pretty soon, the US dollars you are making on the desctruction of your high-tech companies like Lucent won't be worth anything. So, don't be so happy about making couple of bucks. China and Europe will be the next super powers while the US fights meaningless wars. US will have to deal with widespread poverty and social unrest in the very near future.

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