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  • el_latino1976 el_latino1976 Jun 7, 2002 5:55 PM Flag

    LU or JDSU?

    I don't think JDSU or LU will survive this telecom bad as these stocks are doing they still have further to go on the downside, the bull market for techs and telecom came to an end in 2000.

    Investors are holding on to their shares hoping the bull market will return, the problem is, the bull market isn't coming back, IT'S OVER!! There is a bull market and that's in precious metals.

    Ask any financial advisor and they'll tell you to avoid the precious metal sector but remember these are the same people who had a buy from the top of the bubble all the way to where were at now.

    Sell JDSU and consider gold and silver stocks because that's where the money will be made in the foreseeable future. Precious metals have been in a 20 year bear market and that bear has finally died.

    Once the next quarter earnings come out it will be a disaster and the market will fall even further, investors are losing their patients, look for the DOW to be somewhere around 8500 by year end if not lower.

    Just look at the debt that Lucent long can they possible survive when they are losing huge amounts of money?

    I know the precious metal stocks have doubled and tripled over the last year, but we are in the beginning stages of a bull market that can rival that of the late 70's, these stock have a long way to go on the upside..

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    • Tonight on NBR the templeton guy said stay
      away from gold/silver stocks they have peaked and will come down now.

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      • Not too many analysts and financial advisors will recommend gold/silver stocks...for the past two years anytime anyone would mention the precious metal sector they would discourage people from investing in it.

        These people have been wrong for the last two years, the Dow Jones hasn't gone anywhere and the Nasdaq has tanked losing over 60 percent of it's value.

        Meanwhile the gold/silver stocks have been in a stealth bull market and this has happened without any help from the CNBC types on Wall Street. They say we have hit bottom but look up a 20 year chart on the Dow Jones Industrials and ask yourself if it looks like the market has hit bottom...also pull up a one year chart on a strong gold stock such as Goldcorp (GG) and compare it to any stock you choose...chances are Goldcorp has outperformed it by a large margin.

        The guy on NBR is stocks ain't even close to peaking, the investing public hasn't caught on yet, once gold breaks the $350 mark more money will come pouring in driving the gold/silver stocks even's a small market so it won't take much to get it really going...