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  • sunbelt_2000 sunbelt_2000 Jun 5, 2003 8:19 PM Flag

    LU @ $40

    Anyone out there think this bitch will ever hit 40 again? That would make me a millionaire. I'm talking in 2-3 years.

    I think, w/ a strong recovery, it just might happen someday.

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    • I own a helluva lot of shares bought <$2 and would LOVE to see this stock at $40, but right now it trades at 1x sales and even if they have a few positive quarters, they still have to contend with 6B shares..........If you are betting on $40, you are pie-in-the-sky....I'm not sure there is a stock out there with a 240B market cap and even if sales increase astronomically I don't think $40 is do-able in even 10 years..... unless there is a 1:5 reverse stock split, of course.....

      Realistically, as I've been around a long time.... $4 or $5 per share within the next 12 months is do-able.....if Pat keeps earnings on track AND the industry rebounds....and the market stays positive or case, but possible.

      You folks who pretend that $40 is possible in the next 5-10 years (without a major reverse split) are smokin something.....I'm a long who is more realistic.

    • Wish it would - That would make me a 3 millionaire.

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      • I have had this stock since 81.00$ before crash...I have said over and over on this board I WILL sell at 35.00$$ and that is that. When it reaches 35.00 I will sell and be happy with half money back. Need another 427 VETTE...but the main voted in the rev split of the stock and IF that happens forget the millionaire deal because the shorts will gobble up your profit...look at AT@T and there 5 to 1 split!!! Jim

    • I see LU at about $20 in two years. Be patient. It will fluctuate. If it hits $40, it will not make me a millionaire, but a decent profit, since I bought at $1.63 /share.