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  • j670209 j670209 Mar 31, 2006 7:10 AM Flag

    now 36 billion, not 34 billion

    A $36 billion merger of France's Alcatel and U.S. rival Lucent Technologies is "95 percent" complete but is being held up by a politically charged dispute over related space interests, sources close to the matter said on Friday.

    could this be premium? doesn't anybody read the releases b/f actually posting?

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    • End result?

      There IS NO reason to buy LU!

    • Nope - not an academic at all (in terms of profession)- although very well educated by some of the best schools in the country that have provided excellent training for corp finance. Now that you've been educated on the difference in premium and price, you move on to other more mundane matters.

      If you read my posts I have LU as "buy", and frankly I couldn't care less on daily or by-the-minute changes in green or red arrows.

    • your defense of academia suggests you are an academic. never thought much of those who hide in institutions, although did have a few decents teachers and profs along the way. BTW - i know that green arrow that goes up is much better than a red arrow that goes down (if you are long of course). which way are your arrows pointing?

    • BTW - economist don't deal with or define premiums in the EQUITY world. This is a simple structure finance deal - you know; corp finance 101. Jesus, the more I read what you write, the more convinced I am you don't know which way is up.

    • Wrong again quiz kid. If you want to talk ecnomics, we can use the Keynesian theory if your prefer. You do know about this; dont you?

      ROTFLMAO - you are a dolt!

    • premium is being baked into price, as it slowly increases. your definitions are correct, but in real world economics they mean jack shit. that's why economists spend a lot of time in the classroom, not in the real world. write books, definitions and all that happy horseshit.

      the hold rating is b/c i would not buy more, nor sell at this price. i am waiting like everyone else.real world class dismissed.

    • At least you are now clear on the difference between price and premium ROTFLMAO. I think there is more upside and I rate this equity a "BUY". You claim price will continue to raise and yet you rate this a "hold'. You really are a buffoon; aren't you! Or, are you just intellectualy deceiving? Doesn't matter, in either case you're a dope!

      As for definitions, asshole, if you have any real experience or formal education in corp finance or in dealing with substantive equity issues, you would know how the term "premium" applies. And, you wouldn't confuse the daily price changes with a premium. Let me be clear, if LU were to drop back to $2.80 for whatever reason, and since both sides have agreed to price the merger at the market, thats where this would be priced. Not to say there wouldn't be major legal hurdles, but both sides have been clear. FYI, on a book-value basis, this deal is below book - ergo no premium to book either (based on yesterday's close).

      Class dismissed.

    • thanks for the lesson, now watch the price continue to creep up. you know definitions are like assholes, everybody has a different one. why don't you let yours just keep puckering up b/c in the real world money talks and bullshit walks.

    • Asshole, you'd be better off making sure you know what a premium is in an M&A environment. Word to the wise - keep quiet and let folks think you know what you're talking about rather than open your mouth and prove to the world you're an idiot.

      As a matter of fact and definition and for valuation purposes, there is NO premium on the deal. Premium in the M&A world has been and will always be defined as a value paid/received over and above a final closing price. Now do yourself a favor and the rest of us and shut up. You're a dope!

    • market value was 2.82 last week dumass, so if your definition was to be accepted then a premium will never be paid even when market value continues to climb. your diploma on equities must have been ordered from the back of cereal box, probably count chocula.

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