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  • usapatriot12 usapatriot12 May 6, 2010 8:34 AM Flag

    ALU still dangles a carrot in front of investors

    Bad news, followed by more bad news. Sure Ben is maintaining his future improving guidance for this company. If he didn't the price would hit $1.00 a share this AM. That's his job, this is what CEOs do. The pros and fund managers all know this. that's why they won't buy ALU and it remains nothing but a penny stock. To those that have been heeding my warnings about this company...Congradulations.
    for wising up. To those that took Bullmarkets advice and bought into this...consider this as a lesson in investing. When the pros treat a company (ALU) like it has the plague it's always for a good reason. The good news here is that it still might not sell off overly hard. This is only because of the lack of attention it gets. Keep your fingers crossed that all the old coots that started out with just AT&T shares from the 1950s still haven't noticed that they even own this company yet.

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