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  • stockmarketdow stockmarketdow Dec 19, 2011 7:45 PM Flag

    Was it a mistake to.....

    the crazy part of this is the market has not even crashed yet and this is trading as its bankrupt I can imagine what the stock price would do if the market crashed with the ero falling we If th qrt numbers are very bad we will go below 1.00 Undervalued here my opinion only for now

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    • original poster said:
      "I am thinking of just selling and cutting my losses for tax purposes"

      don't you think that has a lot to do with
      why it's $1.39 ? it's a little too late
      to join that crowd.
      Your best bet is to sell the stock, lock in
      the loss and convert into $1 strike calls,
      pick your month. That way you get a higher
      beta exposure (bang for your buck) with the
      same amt. of money..... and don't have to wait
      30 days to buy back on a wash rule.
      I'm going to pick up some calls late this week.
      just want to make sure the end of the tax selling arrives. next week is the last one.