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  • catnippss catnippss Dec 29, 2011 12:55 PM Flag

    Threat of Reverse Stock Split

    This killed Citigroup, Bank of Greece, & Moneygram holders (who may or may not be me, lol).

    Does ALU's future hold a reverse stock split?

    Really worth worrying about, even if your a long term guy, as the stock might have to double or triple for you to break even when the stocks' price plummets after the split.

    So easy for management to initiate this "quick fix", especially with ALU and all its 2.32 BILLION shares outstanding!

    I've been long on ALU, but after my experience with reverse stock splits, I'm considering selling and taking a 25% loss on this one. I don't need any more "lessons" the hard way.

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    • Why is it when a BOD can not do their job and get the stock price up, they want a reverse stock split. This is proof that the BOD just do not have the skill sets to be in the position that they are in. Most of the people are way way past the retirement age and just sit in their positions to draw a check. They do not have the skill sets to do their job, they should be cut loose.

    • Catnippss,

      don't hesitate to take the 25% loss considering:
      - geo1 said ALU fair value was 1.10 ~ 1.15 range.
      - and the reverse stock splits.

      But I don't think you have any share of ALU. :)
      You could load it at a penny lower, but you might miss the train.