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  • pednekar pednekar May 22, 2012 7:14 PM Flag

    What stops CISCO from buyng this?

    Patents, Marketable technology for the future. In a space that has market like routers etc.
    Price down largely due to EURO. Also uncertanty in Eurozone is making many companies to hold there capex and opex as this uncertainty gives good schope for promising investment
    Minus good will charges equity is negative. Can it float? At least no visible sign of bankruptsy

    ATM: MCAP is below equity which not common for technology stocks

    This company competes largely in CISCO space. CISCO can leverage on strong USD and shop lift this company for a song making French part of US. Regulations in France may prevent man power streamlining but in front of big bucks nothing is impossible.

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    • This stock is going to go higher than CSCO would pay. It is more advantageous for shareholders if they don't buy it. It's a marathon not a sprint.

    • The French. but I don't expect you parlez-vous francaise

    • Only 2 reasons I can see why Cisco isn't buying ALU: (1) ALU really is as bad as its stock price implies and CSCO wants no part of it, or (2) Ben is deliberately chasing buyers away. Certainly after today, we should hear talk about a deal. The two were already in competition, and when it comes to non-competing areas, mainly telecommunications infrastructure, CSCO desperately needs new, related areas in which to expand or its shares will forever remain in the same rut as they have for the past 10 years. They need ALU. From ALU's standpoint, they need to be bought out. Their new routers may well steal a lot of sales from CSCO, but as we all know, their bloated expenses means they won't make any money out of it, they will just hurt CSCO. So let's have CSCO buy out ALU, make the necessary cost cuts, and have a company that will make money for its shareholders.

    • ALU revenues are about $19 billion.
      At $1.50 per share ALU current market cap is about $3.5 billion.
      I doubt shareowners would agree to be bought out at $1.50 per share.
      There would have to be a premium price above ALU's current market price.
      I agree with you that CSCO($45 billion annual revenues company) could use $19 billion in new revenues. And CSCO could probably make use of some ALU technology.
      But if CSCO is interetsed to buy ALU, and at what price, I have no idea. Seems like "hostile takeovers" are very rare or even non existant these days.

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