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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Jul 17, 2012 4:15 AM Flag

    ALU has done an outstanding jobs cutting costs


    another 100M this quarter...

    AND..per the companies earlier announcement we can expect ANOTHER 200M ~ 250M this year.

    And that + even MINIMAL patent leasing income =

    Solid profits the rest of this year.

    6~8 to 10 cents /quarter even.

    What a steal this stock is at this price IMO.

    We are looking at forward earnings of 40 cents ..with NO growth in LTE the cloud and router.
    We are talking about an earnings multiple of 3...

    Without factoring in ANY growth even.

    This is why i bought this stock. ALU has turned the corner. For GOOD.

    I've watched this for YEARS and never bought until this year. I wanted to see what is now happening.

    IMO..this is a 10+ dollar stock now in the making.
    Ben has saved this company...

    AND..Russo did as well with her massive cuts as well.

    I will be buying more this AM.
    Taking my average down into the 1.70~1.80 range.

    And there..i will make my final stand on this call.

    I'll see you much higher in a couple of years.


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