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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Jan 4, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    Folks..just as a reminder...

    while many of us including myself have been in this from the lows and bought down into that level....AND..despite the very nice run up.....IMO...we've only just begun.

    We may take a breather here in the 1.50 to 1.70 range as that was enormous support in the past
    and i DO think we have a couple of ugly quarters to work our way through but as we move into Q3 and Q4 i think that things are going to look VERY different indeed for ALU.

    Business should improve as demand continues to grow...we'll become profitable again and cash flow neutral as well. I think it's also possible that we'll hear about more cost cuts around june or july which will set the stage for even greater gains.

    My target as it exists today is 2.50 ....2.80 to perhaps 3.00 by Q 4 reporting date. And that's a long way still from where we are.
    Looking beyond that i think in time we can get back to the 4..5 and even 6.00 range. And, perhaps beyond that as well.

    In any event..i would definitely keep a longer term outlook on this stock. It might not hurt to take a little profit here or there or to write some calls but i will just say that in doing so you and i take risks that the move up just keeps happening. the company gave us a lot in terms of cost reductions coming this year and this is certainly going to be a changed company when 2013 is completed.

    Longer term is where it's at.

    Congrats to those who ignored the bashers. The goldmans and bernsteins and wilkison financials writing those laughable seeking alpha articles bashing this at 98 cents.

    How wrong they were.


    btw..i want to also note there is a "tradestoxx" imposter roaming the message board on the AVNR board. They have somehow managed to create an account with my EXACT user name and the only way to distinguish us is by clicking on the name and seeing the message history..with theirs just having a few posts. Clearly this is the bashers and short who has followed me from that board to this one.

    Anyone who finds this type of behaviour reprehensible i would encourage you to go to the AVNR message board and find my post titled "Notice of an IMPOSTER on this board"
    In that thread which i started you can see the imposter posting as well.

    Please join me in reporting them and their actions to yahoo. This is a major bug in yahoos system that threatens us all given that the name is an EXACT match as mine and apparently yahoo is inadvertently allowing them to be created.
    Thank you to my fellow ALU longs.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • just a point on your post as I share your bull thesis. If you add up the "positive" weeks volumes from may thru june (where the stock was at $1.50 -$1.70) you arrive at 322 millions shares. We have traded 110 million shares alone today. I think we could churn through that volume end of next week with the news that will come from CES. I'm thinking we will climb straight up to $2.30 in a matter of a month. Of course, I'm drinking the Kool-Aide.

    • Yahoo has been consistently careless about matters such as profiles.
      I have written many many times to request a change in my profile which the servers do not permit.

    • No offense intended but please explain why anyone should care about your stock positions and your hijacked ID? Presumeably you're just a fellow investor in ALU with a lot of time on your hands posting what you seem to think are noteworthy musings.


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      • If were to search Tradestoxx11 posts over the last 3 months, you would discover that they are some of the most informative on ALU stock. He was often targeted with scorn by Shorts, telling others not to believe his info. His detailed posts on why ALU will rise, have been invaluable, especially when almost every article on the Internet said dump this stock. And with Shorts on the Board claiming bankruptcy on this stock, encouraging eveybody to sell. If you realized this, you would not made such a negative posting towards him. I for one, am very grateful for the info he put out there.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • lol

      • and ID wasn't hijacked. Yahoo now apparently has a flaw in their system that is allowing for the same EXACT user names to be created by others.

        that should cause everyone a great deal of concern.

        the only way to differentiate the posters is by clicking on their name and seeing one has a new history of messages versus someone with a long established history.

        people should report this because this is going to be a nightmare for others as well.

        refer to my thread i noted above.

        thank you.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • because despite goldmans bashing....moodys bashing....bernsteins bashing...and every short in the world attacking this and call it a 90 cent stock..i instead was buying everything i could at the lows and calling this a 1.50 + stock in the near term and a 3.00 stock by year end 2013.....

        and it's working out as i thought and not any of them.

        How's that for a reason?


        But happy new years to you nonetheless and i'm sorry that you apparently aren't participating in the outstanding run up we're having.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • & by the same token, Jstafrn...why should anyone care about YOUR musings on his musings?