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  • bigmbrown bigmbrown Jan 11, 2013 2:51 AM Flag

    tradestoxx voted biggest liar on message boards!

    Most of the stocks he has pumped are either BK now or down big #'S...Please trade, the folks dont buy your after the fact posts. True its not a big deal to us, as most of us that have been on the avnr, alu, boards know better but I would hate to see any new peeps get conned on stock advice.

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    • If it weren't for Tradestoxx11, I might have sold. Many might have sold. And the Shorts would be happy and rich. Well, didn't happen that way. I'm up 54%. Lol. Giggling to the bank.

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    • I also vote G. ALU is my #1 holding. He does his DD and suggest to always be diversified.

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    • Seeing this is a vote..let's have a real one and let board regulars decide....

      Dear Yahoo Board members...who would YOU vote for as having been most correct about ALU?

      a) Goldman Sux and their conviction sell 50% lower

      b)Bernsteins blunder and god knows what their call was....80 cent price target was it?

      c) moody's massacre

      d) Wilkison's seeking alpha attack and short call at 98 cents

      e) WB46 (vanished into thin air since the rise) I told you he was a phoney!

      f) Stocktradingguy (another one missing in action lately) probably tied to the short hedge funds.

      g) Or Me and my pounding the table on this..27% portfolio position ..# 1 holding....70% recent rise off the lows.

      Let the voting begin!


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      • 4 Replies to tradestoxx11
      • Well, I see you can't even go on vacation without being smeared by the biggest phony on these boards. Some of us actually go on real vacations, not made-up trips to Paris, yacht boy. Why don't you be honest with people, instead of pretending you are making money on ALU? I was here when you were pumping this stock at well over $2, so you can stop pretending you picked it at $1.

        Just for the record, let me remind you. I have never recommended anyone buy, sell, or short this stock. None of us knows what it will do next. Nor have I ever predicted a price for it. All kinds of variables can come into play, much of which may have little to do with the operation of the company, My comments have always been my opinions, and have dealt with the performance of the company, not the stock price. I have stated what I like and don't like about ALU. I like many of the products it has developed, the often outstanding R&D performed by Bell Labs, the exceptional job done by Basil Alwan and the IP division. In other words, I like the American arm. I do not like the performance of senior management in Paris, most notably the CEO. The Parisians have taken an incredible group of assets, almost $20 billion in sales, and some great people in America and turned into a money losing, cash eating, employee bloated, penny stock mess. They have now been forced to mortgage their top assets for a high interest loan just to have cash enough to survive. If they had made the cuts a year ago, as NSN did, using the money from the Genesis sale, none of this would have been necessary. This would have been a profitable company, with no serious risks. Instead, the best upgrade we can get is from conviction sell to ordinary sell from Goldman, whatever that difference is. This company has the assets for success, but management for failure. So we are stuck in between, rather than being on Goldman's conviction buy list. So I reiterate, the company should either be sold to a company that knows how to efficiently run a business financially, or hire new management that can do the same. There is no excuse for a company with assets worth $4-$6 and probably more, to be trading for $1.61 or anything near that.

      • I've been here since pps was .98 and I also vote G. I don't consider someone a pumper that has positive sentiment about a company yet still posts some words of caution regarding there stock.

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      • I vote g) : Thank you tradestoxx with you pounding on the table on your number 1 holding. I have added more when others were bashing BK and sell.

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      • his username speaks volumes.

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