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  • jdh050536 jdh050536 Jan 11, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    ADR FEE ?????

    When is the owner of record date
    and what is the charge---.02 like last year?

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    • this is the message from td ameritrade:

      "Accounts will be subject to the French tax based upon qualifying purchases
      beginning Monday, January 14, 2013. Please see below for additional details:

      - The tax is equal to 0.20% of the total daily net new purchases. The tax
      will not be reflected on trade confirmations.

      - The applicable taxes will be applied on a monthly basis to your accounts,
      and will be reflected in the transaction history in your monthly account
      so it will be assessed on purchases (of certain french stocks) *beginning* january 14 -- and it's $20 on $10,000? not a deal breaker...

    • Good Question, I just called the clearing house Mellon and they said today it's changing over to Wells Fargo (didn't know they where a clearing house) So they where not able to tell me, so I call my Broker and he is to get back to me.
      last year it was taken about Feb, March and I think it was 1% but not sure,..

      What I do know is that with the ADR fees coming and with the Debit Ceilling along with a 5 year market Hi and ALU trading up like 40% in weeks We could see a retest or pullback under 1.50 -1.40 that would be healthy before moving higher,... those ADR fees are a Rip-OFF.

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      • It was precisely 2c/share in the last two years i have been holding the stock. I think it was on the later part of 2011 (Oct ?) while it was in the early part in 2012 (Feb ?) and i was shocked to pay two times the ADR price in a 6 months window (don't know all the accurate dates for them) and complained to my brokerage but they couldn't help since this is beyond them. yes, it is a rip off for such a low priced share.

        Can someone here tell me if that will be tax deductable? that would be some consolation for this rip off!

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