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  • tickerguy_2000 tickerguy_2000 Feb 14, 2013 7:33 AM Flag

    The Last 30 Days

    ALU's 2013 Contracts:

    1. 1-16-2013-----India-------------Rcom---------$1B 5-8 year servicing contract

    2. 1-18-2013-----Germany------NecKarCom-----VDSL2 for 13,000 customers

    3. 1-21-2013-----US/Japan-----5 Telcos-----------Multi-terabit trans-acific sub cable

    4. 1-22-2013-----UAE-------------Du------Design, install & manage IP/MPLS network

    5. 1-29-2013-----Luxembourg--Creos-----IP/MPLS. 7705 router, smart grid

    6. 1-30-2013-----Mexico--------America Movil-----17,500km sub cable US to Mexico/Brazil

    7. 1-30-2013-----US------------GS/CS-----$2B Euro ($2.7B US) patent backed loan

    8. 1-31-2013-----Italy-------Sighisoara Rail-----40Mo $500M signal &communication system

    9. 2-04-2013-----Norway-----Statoil-----Submarine Communication system for offshore facilities

    10.2-05-2013-----New Zealand-----Telecom NZ-----100Gbs Optical Transport Network

    11.2-05-2013-----Korea-----SK Broadband-----National high bandwidth packet transport network

    12.2-13-2013-----Poland-----Hawe-----2,240Km Broadband network, $350Million PLN ($110M US)

    Investors know they need to know a company's contracts if they want to make investments decisions about that company "Ahead Of The Crowd". ...........Tickerguy

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    • add:

      2-13-2013-----New Zealand---Chorus---Network fiber fulfillment solution/1yr contract

      2-18-2013-----Belgium—Belgacom------7950XRS core router network expansion

      2-18-2013-----France-----ZyXEL------ Small cell software for residential broadband

      2-20-2013-----US---------US Army---$49M upgrade main communication center in SEA

      2-22-2013-----Africa------Airtel Africa—WiFi Network in 17 countries ALU and Ruckus

      2-26-2013-----US---------US Army------GS (ALU subsidiary) $14.1M VoIP data system

      2-26-2013-----Sri Lanka—Etisalat-----LightRadio for 4G/LTE-FDD

      2-26-2013-----Luxembourg----P&T Luxembourg—VDSL2 Zero-Touch vectoring trial

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      • Over the last 30 days I have witnessed a cycle of emotional reaction to ALU's stock price decline. The first stage was "Disbelief" -----Something like " What the @$%* is going on.
        The second stage was "Anger"-----Something like "This is bull%$*t, this a POS stock."
        Third stage was "Bargining"---------Something like " Please ALU merge with NSN"
        The forth stage is "Acceptance"-----Here a bottoming pattern emerges over a period of time
        The fifth stage is "Reversal"----------Here the stock rises without explanation or even bad news

        Judging from the post over the last thirty days, it would appear we are entering a bottoming stage that will be followed by a reversal in the not to distant future. My guess is that will be slightly before or after the first quarter report. Knowing the emotional cycle of investing can help an investor make investment decisions "Ahead Of The Crowd". ..........Tickerguy

    • Thanks Tickerguy for the list. Over time and quarters, the orders seemed very good and yet earnings have been negative. I remember Rumors-twillight replies, "the orders will not be enough." I had not looked at the books and watched the orders prior.
      I looked at Cisco earning last night, what a nice balance sheet. Cisco would seem to have it correct.
      The products seem to be running neck Multiple manufactures with "small cells" and or "femto cells"
      If new products can increase demand and if the european upgrade can increase demand that may help. Dolphin hit it on the head with one of her posts, If they can't make money on all these contracts there is a problem.