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  • the_performance100 the_performance100 Feb 23, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    Cisco to buy Alu using Offshore Cash

    Alu gets the world's most powerful internet router, the world's most powerful 400 G internet transmission technology, and many others that are superior to Cisco"s. Cisco is in total need of ALU to build smart cities all over the world.

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    • Theirs a 20% difference in margin between cisco routers and alu routers cisco 60 + % ,,alu 40+ % i wouldnt hold my breath

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      • Here is where CSCO needs ALU especialy to weaken the strategical partnership with HPQ:

        Alcatel-Lucent was the fastest growing Data Center Switching vendor in Q3’2012
        In the Infonetics Research report “Data Center Network Equipment, Quarterly Worldwide and Regional Market Share Size and Forecast, 3Q12”, issued Dec. 10, 2012, Alcatel-Lucent, with its award winning Data Center Switching solution outperformed all other vendors, with revenue growing almost 31% from Q2’2012, compared to a market growth of just 0.7%.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Does anyone know whether Cisco buying ALU would run into anti-trust problems? I would think they could buy most of ALU, but would the U.S. govt. require they sell the IP division? That would effectively reduce the number of suppliers from 3 to just 2. If Cisco had to sell the IP division they might not have an interest in buying ALU.

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      • wb,

        I am surprised that you are not deeply concerned about Michel. I thought it was you that mentioned a while back that it would be bad if a French executive was selected, as that would imply a weaker response to the challenge facing ALU.

        But then again, Michel is all we have. So whether the implications prove cringe worthy or not, Michel is the MAN. It is not as if we have any say in the matter. Just have to hope for the best.

        But I still have to wonder whether or not Michel was "recommended" by ATT and VZ, which reportedly had some input into the selection process.

      • wb...

        I would not be surprised if there were anti-trust concerns in at least one key respect.

        CSCO, if they could actually figure a way to buy ALU, which seems extremely unlikely, would then command somewhere around a 70% market share in Edge Routers. Right now, ALU has about a 25% market share, and I think CSCO is at about 45%. If those numbers are correct, then a 70% market share in Edge Routers, would likely raise a few red flags about such an acquisition.

        And a few years from now, the same might be said about core routers, assuming that the XRS router is as strong as expected.

    • John Chambers and Michel Combes are good friends and this makes it a perfect fit to merge the two companies.

      Vodafone Netherlands Deploys Cisco Quantum Software-Based Networking Solutions to Control and Manage Enterprise Broadband Services - The Network: Cisco's Technology News Site
      ...RELEASE SAN JOSE, Calif., – Feb. 19, 2013 – Cisco announced today that Vodafone Netherlands