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  • reinterpretme reinterpretme Mar 1, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    What The Street Wants

    The New Administratior says he'll spend the first month or so getting the skinny from shareholders, employees, telemavens, and basically anyone who can give him insights into morphing Alcatel Lucent into a profitable company. But the Street doesn't get off on talk. It wants Combes to cut deep, into the bone, the way he butchered into the Vodaphone workforce. It wants to smell Alcatel's blood in rumors, it wants to see Alcatel's blood in newsprint, it wants to lick-up Alcatel's blood from the floor of the NYSE.

    Ahhhhhhhh. The Taste of Blooddddd. That's what The Street wants.

    The Previous Administrator promised to slice 5,500 from the payroll over a period of 4 quarters, but it wasn't nearly enough to sate the Street's savage lust for death and carnage. It wants Alu to undergo more self destruction, more self violence, more self cruelty. It wants Combes to evolve Alu into a lean, muscular, primal animal. And once the metamorphosis is complete, from tame domestic cat to feral jungle lion, It wants to see a gory fight between Csco, Jnpr, Eric, and Alu. It wants Alu to use razor sharp claws and blood dripping fangs and grab more market meat.

    Ahhhhhhh More Market Meat. That's what The Street wants.

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