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  • tin_phm tin_phm Jun 6, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Will Huawei be kick out of Britain ???

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    • They can't be trusted..............most of the carriers in the USA have dropped them.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The odds of Huawei being "kicked out of Britain" are extremely low.

      It would require someone, somewhere, to actually prove that Huawei's equipment does in fact pose a security risk. To date, and for years, there has been a lot of "concerns" and "suspicions" about Huawei products, but ZERO proof. Huawei has even set up, at their expense, a number of facilities to INDEPENDENTLY TEST their equipment. Yet "concerns" and "suspicions" remain just that, "concerns" and "suspicions".

      Meanwhile, Huawei is planning to hire a significant number of new employees throughout the EU, including Britain. And given the EU economy, and the fact that Huawei has proven to be a good partner with the likes of BT, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Huawei is going to do anything in Europe except EXPAND operations. I believe Huawei currently projects 2013 EU revenue to grow by about 10%.

      So let's be honest. Without proof about "concerns" and "suspicions", one must assume that this is all political bluster and brinksmanship designed to save select politicians their jobs, and to get Huawei to cut the EU some slack, to assuage some of the anger of the millions of unemployed Europeans who "live" in a dreadful economy, while seeing Chinese firms prosper.

      China is not an ally of any western power. They are competitors, both politically and economically. Moreover, with the EU very weak economically, and with China as the current manufacturing hub of the world, and because the EU needs the Chinese to buy their products...and the synergistic effect thereof...THE EU HAS ZERO LEVERAGE WITH CHINA.

      Consider this characterization of China in a recent NYT article: "[China] is the face of rapacious state capitalism." Frankly, in business, the Chinese would gladly cut the throat of a competitor, and then charge them for services rendered.


      Yet we would love it if it were ALU and not Huawei. Thus proving "outrage" is very subjective, LOL, as everyone's conscience has a price.

    • Like, I have said many times before that I would expect others (US-aligned nations) to follow suit and close the doors on Huawei. It is not just the fear of cyber attacks but for geopolitical reason that Huawei will get ousted. Just by reading the Congressional reports one can surmise that the US does not hold any love for Huawei.

      The US holds a tremendous influence in the world today so I think it’s unfortunate for Huawei but their days are becoming numbered. Huawei can not possibly win a fight with the United States Government. There is no appeal to the WTO here since this is a national sovereignty/security issue that trumps any trade agreements.

    • I believe Huawei has promised Britain a mess of new jobs, so it may be difficult. Where is Winston Churchill when we need him?