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  • thibo5 thibo5 Jul 31, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    michel combes knows what he is doing

    This man is only for 4 months our CEO, but his strategy is outstanding...
    His last move with the notes offering today, and the timing of it tells me, that he is the right man turning this company around...
    We will see a lot of more surprise moves from him...
    congratulations Michel Combes

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    • from the trend and sentiment ALU is now going, I would not sell. The stock was at $6.25/sh on May 11, 2011 and is capable to even go higher than that. I bought 15K shares at $1/sh. and will not sell now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • thibo - the proof is in the stock price. I liked the hire, but he has turned out much better than I dared dream. I was not pleased when he issued those convertibles so early and at such a low conversion price (those buyers must be happy!). I thought he could have waited for the stock price to go higher for a lower dilution. But looking at what is happening now, I have to say he was right and I was wrong. I don't think Ben ever gave me an opportunity to say that.

      My only concern now is are we ahead of ourselves, irrationally exuberant in the words of Alan Greenspan? When the stock was at its bottom, many longs were reminding us that you buy when everyone hates a stock and sell when everyone loves it. Well, everyone loves ALU now. I sure don't want to sell considering how much I have made the past few days, but don't want to get greedy either. Thoughts, anyone?

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      • If you loose Money its hard to take, but even to sell to early makes Pain. My Average is 2.03$ and 6 Months ago, i were lucky to sell at my Entry Price. I own 20000 Shares here and now i could earn 12.000$, normally i would trigger the Sell Button, but not in ALU`s Case. I know the Company so well and i know that there was priced for BK the last Months/Years.

        Now for the first Time, the Possibility is there that the Turnaround actually taking Place. And i will not sell a 19B$ Company for a Market Cap of 5B$.

      • In my personal opinion I think this stock will go much higher in the next two years and thereafter....but this doesn't mean that it can have a healty correction during the rise...we are close to a resistance level at 2.65....but than everything depends on your personal strategy...if you're a long term investor or not....
        it's a personal thing of what you do with your investments....
        But I know for the long turn ALU is the right stock