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  • tenvu5 tenvu5 Dec 13, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    2014's #1 Percentage Gainer Will Be...

    The #1 percentage gainer in 2014 will be Agria (GRO). Even if the Dow corrects 20%, GRO will still triple or quadruple. The U.S. Dollar Index closed at a 5-year high on March 9, 2009, of $89 and is now down to $80.27 indicating a 9.8% decline in in the USD's purchasing power - but the U.S. Dollar Index is heavily weighted towards 1) the Euro, 2) the Yen - the two weakest currencies of the past 5 years. In terms of gold, the USD is down 24.6% since March 9th, 2009.

    Which is a more accurate indicator of the USD's purchasing power: the USD Index or Gold? The average Big Mac in the U.S. in March 2009 cost $3.54 and today costs $4.68. $100 today buys only 21.368 Big Macs vs. 28.249 in 2009, for a 24.4% loss of USD purchasing power - almost exactly the same as gold indicates!

    There's only one single major currency in the world that has performed 2.76X better than Gold! It's the New Zealand Dollar. From March 9, 2009, through today: the NZD has appreciated 68% vs. gold appreciating 24.6%. New Zealand is the world's #1 agricultural based economy. When China ends its currency peg to the USD, the Yuan will skyrocket - allowing the Chinese to rapidly increase food imports from New Zealand! GRO owns a controlling stake in New Zealand's largest agricultural services company PGG Wrightson, which trades on the NZX under the symbol PGW for NZ$0.40 per share and has $1 billion in revenues!

    GRO's PGW shares are currently worth USD$101.18mm and with only 55.38mm shares outstanding, GRO absolutely MUST rise to $1.83 per share IMMEDIATELY! Even at $1.83, GRO will be receiving NO value for its China seeds business, which reported AMAZING fiscal 2013 revenue growth of 98%! GRO has been rapidly paying back its debt and has more than enough cash to completely repay all of its short-term debt next year. GRO will break $2 any day now and reach $3 in January. GRO will be extremely profitable this year. We own 550,000 shares of GRO and don't intend to sell until it is trading MUCH higher!

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