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  • thebigbroker thebigbroker Feb 12, 2014 6:47 AM Flag

    And what is the problem today?

    The problem yesterday was downgrading (so I am told, but still I can not understand why would someone downgrade a company in the right direction with promising results), what is the problem today? Even nerves of steel is not enough to trade this barn burner....this stock by all indications should have been trading in $6s by now.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If you are trading this stock you are just playing the lottery. You may get lucky and you may get unlucky. Combes is managing this company for long term success and to reward its true investors, not day traders. So when we have an absence of news for awhile, the stock may retreat as traders get disappointed, but Combes is moving us ahead and those who stick with him instead of trading in and out will, in my opinion, be rewarded.

    • I am long the shares also...the quarterly report was good but definitely not great. The leadership has to role out some of the 3-4 partnerships and accelerate the contract announcements to keep up the momentum. The shares trade at a rich multiple to most metrics and as such needs the promise of future news. Hopefully the trend of positives continues as we continue to tread water and digest the great year we just enjoyed.