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  • tulipmaniaisover tulipmaniaisover Apr 4, 2001 3:07 PM Flag

    @@@ CNBC & WallStreet Whores stole @@@

    your life savings. Be aware that this was done in a very calculated manner. CNBC and the thieves they give airtime to, called LU a Strong Buy at $75, and now they say it is Overvalued at $7 and probably will go bankrupt, another helpful CNBC rumor. Remember the CNBC Boiler Room got you to buy this POS at $75 or $50 or $30 or even $15. We are not dealing with a Real Market, Wall Street hypes, CNBC touts for them, Mr. Average Investor gets in at the TOP, and they SHORT these New Economy Leaders all the way down from the TOP, profit on the way up and the way down, that's what they call "A Market".
    Why did people buy Yahoo at $250/share, because criminals like Henry Blodget said it was worth $500. Please tell me how this Blodget, the subhuman, sleeps at night. In California they put people who steal a bicycle in jail for life under the three strikes law, what should be done with a Henry Blodget??? What do you say to a retiree who was always afraid to invest in the stock market but saw that everyone was making a killing, so he decided to invest late in 1999 or early 2000, and played it safe with Cisco, Intel, and new economy leaders like Priceline, or CMGI or PMCS or ARBA or so many others. You tell me if he should take 100% of the blame for losing 70% of his retirement. What if he invested $30,000 initially(maybe 10% of his nest egg) and say it cut in half, and then his slimy broker told him to average down, INTC can't go lower, then he saw Cisco drop to $30, Priceline, CMGI, and ARBA near bankrupcy, and all he wanted was to get back some of what he lost, so he doubled down again, any one want to venture that Priceline, CMGI, and even ARBA might be bankrupt be year-end and Cisco will be in single digits with no hope of reaching $30 again, please tell me who is to blame. What do you think his broker, or his son, or his friend who recommended these stocks tells him now??? Sorry, it's just a bad market, ahhh
    so comforting...while Mr. Retiree is in so deep that he refuses to sell and take the loss, not aware that things could get worse. Buy and Hold is the trash they tout on CNBC, where were they to tell Mr. Retiree that you always set Stops 10-15% below your buy price and never average down. Where was CNBC to grill the analysts for getting it wrong time and time again, why do they put these thieves on the air, why are they tuff on company CEO's who actually are responsible for innovation, while letting analysts slide. Why were Wall Street bonuses up 30% in 2000 from there levels in 1999, when the Tech Wreck happened.
    Anyone think that Abbey and the other clowns started SHORTING TECH before she made her famous 5% decrease in Tech allocation last March. Wake up people, they have stolen your life savings, and I hear people calling CNBC thanking them for "their great information", little do they know that they are being led to slaughter and there is no price low enough when it comes to Tech Stocks at least until all those on margin are wiped out, Mr. Retiree yells "uncle", and then they will start to get in at the bottom, run the Nasdaq up 700 pts. in a week, and then give Strong Buy recommendations on all the stocks they hated at half the price. This is capitalism, how wonderful...proud to be an American.


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