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  • hotaznights hotaznights Sep 30, 2005 12:41 PM Flag

    Not to worry about going

    GOING DOWN as the bashers say!!! Just look at the volume, just over a million today! Everyone knows that Fridays are famous for the big dump before the week end if things look bad for a company. The latest run up to 36.60+ is holding strong, and this will be @37.50+ in 2 weeks time. And this stock has been upgraded to Out Perform and a Buy!!!



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    • who are you talking to?

      do you think anyone on this board gives a shit about what you think?

      do think anyone cares about ELN,PFCE,FMD, your friends experience with Paychex, or your portfolio and your own moves in the market?

      do you have a social life or do you just annoy the hell out of everyone who comes in contact with you?

      is this board the only communication you have to the world outside your cubicle?

    • Yesterday I suggested FMD @ $21.50 for an option to owning too much PAYX. It is now $25.60. I sold some ELN to trade some FMD and bought back my ELN @ $8.65, now ELN is $8.95.

      In the meantime, PAYX flounders. Do you realize that PAYX is down since 12-03? And PAYX has a high PE. If they stumble (if they even tell you), the stock will get crushed.

      I just don't find PAYX compelling. Personally, I would sell it. Not that it is a bad company (although I do wonder), but the opportunity cost of owning PAYX is too high.

      I suspect I will double my money again before you pass $40, but who knows? A month ago I did doubt that you would even gain $0.10 cents before ELN doubled, but I MIGHT have been wrong.

      Of course, there are other interesting stocks like MTEX ($11.50) or FMD as I mentioned yesterday (look at the financials compared to PAYX) but some are blindly in love with PAYX.

      I think you'd be better off buying mutual funds. Vanguard Pacific Equity and Vanguard Precious Metals and Emerging Markets are good. I recently bought into all three. I have been diversifying from my Vanguard Healthcare fund sicne I already am trading a lot with ELN.

      I'll let you know how they perform compared to PAYX. But I know . . . interest rates are going up and that will help PAYX earnings (but only slightly).

      PAYX: $36.86
      ELN: $8.94


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