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  • GHunt1234 GHunt1234 Feb 14, 2003 3:35 PM Flag

    Now Back to Something Related to XOM

    XOM is the ONLY oil company with an EEO policy that does NOT include sexual orientation.

    From the news

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    • What an idiot.

      Re: Now Back to Something Related to XOM (Not rated) 14-Feb-03 11:33 pm Its also a fact that homosexuals commit a far greater number of acts of pedophilia than heterosexuals. PL
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    • See post 85125. You repeatedly ignore homophobic posters while repeatedly telling me I'm the one (not them) ignoring XOM's policies You'd have me believe that XOM would enforce what policies you think they have as consistantly as you have spoken out? Yea, right. See no evil, speak no evil.

    • What is your criteria?

    • You completely missed the point. Tou write "The posters here don't speak for XOM any more than do you when you also twist and distort their policies." Tell me, do you speak for XOM? Or do you defend XOM only when some people twist and distort their policies based on what - the fact that you like some of these distorters and not others and in your case you tolerate the homophobic ones. Tell me, do you speak for XOM anymore than them?

    • So whether or not you speak out and oppose homophobia and bigotry is dependent on whether or not you like the person?

    • This quote by you directed at me is tooooo priceless. I thought I'd repost it:

      "As to XOM, they have said clearly that their policies are not social statements of any kind. That statement, and others which don't fit your preconceived misconceptions are, of course, ignored by you until you can twist them in one of your posts."

      I'm the one ignoring this? What about the numerous posters who claim XOM is in fact standing up to homosexuals? Nah, you save your indignation for someone who is fighting to protect employees at XOM while you remain silent when they distort and twist what you say XOM's policies are.

    • And still mo_terhaed doesn't believe you. He says XOM is standing up to homosexuals.

      And yet, you challenge me, but not him. Hhhmmmm.

    • No. It appears you don't know what I think. I think that what a person does legally outside of work is there business. That doesn't mean a company should not have policies that encourage people to stop smoking as there are real costs to the company and society in general.

      Curious though how you think that XOM is discriminating if it promotes monogamy over promiscuity, but not if it promotes heterosexuality through marriage over homosexuality.

    • Funny, you didn't ask >HIM< that! He argued that companies should oppose homosexuality because he incorrectly equates it with promiscuity, while opposing gay marriage, arguing that homosexuality is bad (in his mind).

      Thousands of companies have started offering domestic partner benefits not only because they benefit the employee, but because they see a company interest and social value in having a healthy society that recognizes and rewards healthy, monogamous relationships without regard to sexual orientation.

    • Let me clarify something for you:

      1) I have no desire to be "normal" if it looks like you.
      2) There is not a single respected medical organization who thinks homosexuality is a "pathological condition."
      3) Preferred social status is given to married heterosexuals who enjoy special rights and benefits.
      4) If you've been shamed into thinking someone has faced discrimination because of there sexual orientation, it is because of people like you who support such discrimination or have done nothing but oppose people who are fighting it.
      5) Indimitation? Oh, please. Is that the best you can do? XOM is the largest company in the world and you think they're intimidated? It's a free market and it's there choice to end the boycott or to have it continue.
      6) Ignorance is indeed a great tool, mostly used by the ignorant.

      By the way, if a Fortune 500 company opposes discrimination based on religion are they supporting Satanic worship? And how exactly does a company encourage homosexuality? Afraid you might be inticed because of their advertising campaign?

      As for

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