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  • Forced_into_Early_Retirement Forced_into_Early_Retirement May 11, 1999 5:55 PM Flag

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    I feel for the mom with the daughter in the Exxon
    office worrying about the health safety of her daughter
    with the prospects of all the alternate-lifestyle
    diseases that may certainly come from a more liberal Mobil
    workforce being intergrated into Exxon's

    My kids have outside jobs so don't have the close-in
    pressures that an office environment imposes whether you
    know it or not.
    My career was in conducted in
    normal office environments. I remember the main worry I
    had was catching someone elses cold they brought to
    work. Apparently now the alternate-lifestyle people
    bring even worse germs to work. As a side benefit of my
    unscheduled early retirement, I am becoming more glad I don't
    have to face the germs of the office and actually that
    whole alternate-lifestyle bunch that you have to walk
    around on eggshells to be ever so careful you don't
    offend them in any way.

    My stock is being voted
    absolutely NO on Number 8.

    I'm still thinking about
    the basic merger proposal and the danger to the
    current Exxon employees in their office environments.

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