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  • avenli avenli Sep 20, 2008 3:50 AM Flag

    Palin is dangerous, spooky, and stupid

    Palin is spooky. Her reaction to the finanical crisis is absolutely terrifying - can you imagine her as president and telling the banks today to go stuff it and die? That is what she wants - NO Gov intervention.

    She is so freaking stupid and Dangerous. I don't give a f*ck if she is a HOCKEY-F*CK mom. What jackasses vote for her and her grandpa McCain based on personality?

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    • Have you ever heard the name Ronald Reagan?

    • What's even more spooky are the terrorist that are running wallstreet raping the public of trillions of dollars

    • Sarah's 10 minutes in the sun is over. People are sick of Sarah's silence on the real issues and her failure to answer simple questions from reporters. Why the long, drawn-out silence? What is she hiding? The failed McCain campaign is scared to death to have her speak anything but rehearsed lines. The American Public would then know how dumb she really is. What real American candidate for high office does not speak on the issues? Americans are much smarter than John McCain gives us credit for. Sarah Palin is a pretty face, with an empty head. She is married to an alcoholic and has an unwed, knocked-up, teenage daughter, due to her backwards mentality. Sarah is a failure in her personal life, and became governor of Alaska by accident. Alaskans are now scratching their heads, and now Sarah thinks Americans are stupid enough to hand her a high office. No wonder she flunked out of five colleges in six years, before squeezing through. Bye, bye McCain and his poor judgment in picking such trash as Sarah Palin. McCain, desperate to become president, would sell America down the river.

    • You know you are correct Elle, infact the whole thread is the pitts, it needs to be flushed right down the crapper where it belongs. Only time will tell on who is going to be pres. gee thats right McCain is running for Pres. all this time with all of the "stuff" that is being spread, (some real, some not) you would think Palen was running for Pres. Where does Biden fit in all of this, hell he is not saying a word, and neither is Barry Soetoro

    • Problem is that the example you use (JFK) was far from "calm cunning, diplomacy and brains."

    • McCain is completely out of touch with himself believing that he is a maverick. He was implicated from the last financial disaster, S&L and now he wants us to believe he is the white knight for this crisis. He can do jack-sh*t. All he does is throw out stupid ideas and claim that he was the first to propose solutions to the crisis - shooting from the hips, instead of being prudent and allowing the experts hash it out.

      John McCain is like the Rev Jesse Jackson, who loves the lime light. To most of us, they look stupid.

      Palin is the same. She shoots her mouth from her hips and sounds absolutely moronic and scarry. Her first reaction to the problem was to allow all the banks to fail, which would have lead to our economic depression.

      We need someone who is prudent and wise and that is Obama. He doesn't shoot from the hips to feel powerful or important. He is thoughtful and steady. The idiots like McCain accuses him of being "present" during crisis and abstains from making decisions. Leadership includes making good decisions and abstaining from making imprudent ones. Strong leaders dont lead from their mouths (like that pig with lipsticks) rather, strong leaders consult with the experts and other leaders to figure out solutions.

      No candidate today are financial experts. No presidents are. Presidents rely on the people surrounding them. Thats why Bush fails to be a good president; he is surrounded by morons. McCain and Palin are the same, if not worse.

      The Republicans will say anything to get elected, even to shame and contradict the tenets of party fundamentals. I am conservative but no long republican since Bush turned this country into a heap of trash. I realize that that the blame is not squarely on Bush, rather the Republican party deserting its own fundamental tenets.

    • OK, why do you think I'm Republican? Am I sideways?

    • ellebach wasnt speaking to you directly, although you can use a dose of her wisdom.

      The republican part is sideways. They are known for small gov and personal responsibilities and yet Shoot-from-the-hip Palin tells directly to all the mothers with children with downsyndrome that she will help them. That may sound touching at first, but what about all the other families dealing with other social issues?

      Read this article from an Economist about how the rebubs are false sided and Contradictory.

    • How do you know I am middle class and will vote
      for McCain
      based on race?

    • Oh, the answer to your question is that there aren't enough blaxk votes to give him a win alone. Obama will win becauae aome of the electorate are actually LISTENING to him, and underestand his argumwnt about trickle down economics (Republican philosophy) does not work- it's what's driven us unto the deep ditch.

      All you middle class folks voting for McCain because of "race" are cutting off your own nose to spite your face...

      Want 4 or more years of hell? IDIOTS.

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