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  • notarethug notarethug Nov 4, 2008 2:27 PM Flag

    If Obama Wins

    About Barack Obama:

    --If he gets above 50.1 percent it will be the highest Dem percentage since LBJ.

    --If he gets 54% it will be the highest percentage for any non-incumbent candidate of either party since 1952.

    --If he simply comes in first, with any total, it will be four popular vote wins for Dems in the past five cycles.

    --He should amass more votes than any other candidate ever, including Ronald Reagan's 1984 standard.

    --He will be the winning candidate with the highest share of his votes coming from non-whites... and probably the candidate with the highest non-white share of all time.

    --By this evening 3/4 of American Jews will have voted for a guy whose middle name is Hussein: if we cannot use this lever for good in the Middle East, we do not deserve to be a superpower.

    About John McCain:

    --We simply do not know what kind of president John McCain would make--it could be good, it would more likely be very bad.

    --We do know what kind of president Sarah Palin would make--and we all should be eager to keep her as far away from the presidential line of succession as possible.

    --Yes, John McCain ran a dirty campaign. But it was a less dirty campaign than any Republican has run since 1980. The difference this year was that--for some reason-- a fraction of the mainstream press called the Republicans on it rather than endorsing their lines of B.S.

    --The Republican candidates this year were all one or more of: (i) ideologically-blinded, (ii) incompetent, or (iii) risk-loving for its own sake and hence erratic.

    --John McCain was (iii)--which makes him the best of the Republicans on offer this year.

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