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  • kythumper kythumper Sep 11, 2010 8:17 AM Flag

    Now wonder libs don't mind raising taxes...

    The rich in this country, especially those with incomes in excess of 1 mil, don't come anywhere remotely close to even being close to paying their fair share. And those wealthy do not create jobs in this country, but in place like China, Bengladesh,Pakistan, India, etc. They defintely should not be rewarded with tax breaks here if they are not going to create jobs here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • rabbit,

      You are mistaken on the numbers. The top ten% of wage earners pay in excess of 90% of the taxes.

      Further, if you want us to create jobs domestically, get the government out of our business. The only way a business owner can plan to hire or produce at home is, he/she must make a plan to fail. It is government interference in our lives that sends production running for the exits. The people that look down on you are not the people that make money. The people that look down on you are those working against you in Washington DC.

      It is pretty simple really: If you CAN work, do so. If you cannot work, the rest of us will take care of you willingly. We always have. But, when you take charity and filter it through the hands of the government, all you produce is waste and unemployment.

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