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    Energy Price Bubbles in the past

    1792-1812. 150% increase in grain, wood, and coal some items rise in price depression follows after war spending ends in 1814/1815.
    1870-1873. Coal prices rise 200% above 1866-1870 levels across Europe. Global depression and plummeting stock markets follow within months of the peak in energy prices in February 1873.
    1916-1920. Oil prices rise 200%; coal and grains rise by similar amounts. Global depression follows months after the peak in energy prices in 1920.
    1973-1974. Oil prices rise 200% in the US and more internationally. Global depression follows immediately after the oil price increase.
    1975-1981. Oil prices rise 200%. The biggest depression since the Great Depression follows the peak in energy prices.
    2004-2008. Oil prices rise 200%. Global depression follows the peak in energy prices.
    Dec 2008-2012/2013. Oil prices rise 200%....

    What follows will certainly be a surprise to many but it should not be.
    I will return in December to see where we are. There is nothing more to be said until then. The board has grown tiresome anyway. Too many gamblers and losers...

    This topic is deleted.
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