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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard Jan 22, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    German income taxes now lower than American taxes...


    The marginal rate is 50.5% in Germany.
    The marginal rate in New York and California is in the mid 50% range...

    You get almost no useful services from the US government for your taxes either.

    Germany is now running a surplus, too, which means its tax rate is sustainable.
    The US is running trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. At some point taxes will have to be raised to balance the US budget. At that point the US income tax rate would probably be around 70%. There are places you could hide for a while in the US and pay a few percentage points less in taxes, but it will not last with the US budget left unbalanced...

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    • The Germans don't have all the expensive wars that our Republicans bless us with.If Obama had lost we would be in a whopper now with Iran and maybe Russia and China thrown in.

    • Not true. US total with CA would be 49.9%
      Plus you forgot all these extra differences:
      VAT: Germany 19% (actually produces more revenue than income tax)
      Fuel tax: Germany $3.23/gal plus VAT, US (avg) 49 cents/gal
      Soc Sec rate: Germany 19.9%, US 12.4%

      Federal Services:
      US Defense spending (16x higher than Germany's).
      FICA entitlements

      State Services: Google your state's budget and see, but it's usually:
      Education, Health & hospitals, Police & jails, transportation

      You are correct we need to cut spending though. Shall we start with Defense?

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