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    Renewables, Efficiency Take Flight In US Air Force Energy Strategy

    Renewables, Efficiency Take Flight In US Air Force Energy Strategy

    April 10, 2013 Silvio Marcacci

    Unstable global energy supplies and greatly reduced federal funding might be the two biggest threats facing the US Air Force – but it looks like clean energy technology is the solution to both.

    US Air Force jet image via Shutterstock

    That’s the message from the US Air Force Energy Strategic Plan, which signals a major shift toward energy efficiency, renewables, distributed generation and microgrids, and green buildings to “actively seek solutions to the energy challenges that pose a threat to our operations.”

    USAF action could have a significant impact on America’s energy consumption and emissions footprint. After all, this one single branch of the military represents 48% of all Department of Defense (DoD) energy consumption, which in turn represents 80% of all energy consumption by the federal government.

    Massive Reach, Massive Footprint

    Put simply, the Air Force uses a tremendous amount of resources every year: it burns 2.5 billion gallons of aviation fuel, uses 64 trillion BTUs of energy, and consumes 27 billion gallons of water. That all adds up to a $9 billion annual energy bill (8% of the USAF’s total 2011 budget), a $150 million water bill, and 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

    Air Force brass are realistic about their resource footprint, admitting the USAF will continue to consume large quantities of energy for the foreseeable future. But, using less energy is a strategic imperative. “Reducing demand for energy is the single, best action the Air Force can take to improve its energy security,” says the report.

    Less Energy, Stronger Air Force

    Reducing demand is where the strategic plan truly takes flight with the Air Force’s most ambitious goals. The USAF aims ...


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