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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard Apr 17, 2013 11:58 PM Flag

    Artificial Photosynthesis, major new threat for oil & gas


    Using the investigative methods of Quantum Chemistry, the Max Planck Institute has determined the precise structure of the oxygen evolving complex, the catalyst used by plants for photosynthesis. This could not be done with prior spectroscopic techniques.

    Proceeding as of the past 4 months, the scientists have been working on determining the mechanism of water oxidation at an atomic level. The purpose is the production of bio-fuels at a far lower cost than has been possible with past techniques.

    The processes which result will eventually be commercialized by a German corporation at some future date, just as has been done with countless other products.

    There is what was possible with antiquated, imprecise knowledge, and what is possible with precision which can only really be described as God-Like. The difference is substantial, and will be telling when such God-Like knowledge is introduced into markets…

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    • The precision of lab work is not "god like" but rather cold and logical. It better be so. Once you talk about god like labs you are entering the aberational realms of Dr. Strangelove characters and gooy creationism. My gallic logical positivist nature rankles with german romanticism. Give me the Roman engineers and law makers any old day..

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