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    Complexity Of US Carbon Emissions Cuts, & The 3rd Oil Crisis?

    Complexity Of US Carbon Emissions Cuts, & The 3rd Oil Crisis?

    June 30, 2013 Zachary Shahan

    We’ve covered the intricacies of US carbon emissions cuts a few times here on CleanTechnica. I think this reader post was my favorite on the topic, but I also think this post of my own and this repost are worth a read. Shrink That Footprint has offered up another great repost on the topic that is very well done. It also gets into the possible existence of a 3rd oil crisis. Check it out below or click on over to the Shrink That Footprint website to read it.

    US carbon emissions are down 12% since 2005.

    According to many an editorial the reason is simple. The fracking boom has driven out coal.

    But that isn’t what the data says. The data says that oil emissions are down more than electricity emissions. That natural gas is at best responsible for half of emissions cuts. And that electricity generation tell us only half the story.

    If we want to really understand what happened to US emissions we also need to ask why oil emissions have tanked.

    America’s Carbon Cliff

    Using the charts from our recent report ‘America’s Carbon Cliff: Dissecting the Decline in US Carbon Emissions‘ this post is going to try to explain what happened to US carbon emissions between 2005 and 2012.

    We’ll start with a macro overview of what happened at the national level, then take a closer look at the changes in each sector and finish with a discussion of oil consumption.

    For a more detailed explanation of each chart check the full report.

    Four ways to dissect the decline

    Energy related carbon emissions in the US declined about 12% from 2005 to 2012, or roughly 700 Mt CO2.

    The decline in total emissions has been widely documented. In the context of the last fifty years it looks like this:

    US Carbon Emissions Decline

    The drop in carbon emissions in the last seven years has been even greater than occurred from 1979 to 1983.

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