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  • redwingtiger redwingtiger Oct 5, 1999 9:42 AM Flag

    exxon email?

    Hey Tigers, noticed this morning that some Mobil folks have your email addresses in our Lotus Notes Mail addreess books Is the same true on your end?

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    • we use Microsoft Outlook -- no Mobil email addys
      as of yet. then again, if I was at work today I
      wouldn't be able to respond to this message since internet
      access is extremely restricted at xon (no desktop access
      for most folks). even if you've got access, logging
      on to a site like yahoo for non-business purposes is
      a terminable offense...hope you Mobilites who
      choose to come over aren't too attached to your 9/80
      work schedule or annual bonuses, cause they're gone.
      get ready for a string of salary treatments that
      might beat inflation on a good year, and hope you
      remember your last promotion, since 8-10+ yrs between
      promotions is not uncommon at xon. if you can, take the
      money and RUN!!!!

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      • Gee - I must work for a totally different Exxon.
        All the ranting on this board and the MOB board makes
        Exxon out to be the worst company in the world! I know
        that there are times that promotions don't come for
        years and raises are not the greatest, but I have never
        gone a year without a raise and promotions have been
        quite generous (I started out as a non-exempt.) And I
        can honestly say that I don't kiss butt. In fact one
        of my supervisors told me that I wasn't political
        enough and I told him that is not my style. Like it or
        leave it.

        Anyway, even though I am nervous
        about what is to be, I hope to be a part of it anyway.
        I have worked with Mobil employees on committees
        and at conferences and found them to be just as
        dedicated as anyone I know at Exxon and very nice to work
        with. Most people are afraid of change and if I have to
        go find another job, it is just another challenge to
        face, just like the challenge of combining two
        companies. Good luck to everyone! I am looking forward to
        working with you (hopefully!) We have a lot to learn from
        each other.

      • at the number of Mobil folks that do not not want to work for Xon. Doesn't sound like a very forward thinking company to have telephones, yet ??

      • With any kind of luck, some of Mobil's policies may be adopted and you'll be shocked to find that a company can treat you like a
        human being.(No group hugs,just insentive.)

      • The Exxon culture is little different than our
        own. Bonus? What is a bonus? In recent years with
        "Best Practice Metrics" - which we all recognize as an
        ambiguous set of intagables, it is impossible to accurately
        predict your "piece of the pie". You are absolutely
        correct on your time line for promotions. 9/80's are a
        relatively recent phenomenon and are not a major concern to
        most folks. Despite your cheery assesment of life
        inside Exxon, I'm looking forward to it.

    • I checked this morning and I have access to all of my Mobil contacts in our Outlook system. Looks like it's a soon to be done deal. Wonder when, we will hear the announcement?

    • At the Exxon side, we have heard absolutely
      nothing about time allowed to decide about accepting or
      declining jobs. We have heard absolutely nothing about
      severance packages. We have heard absolutely nothing about

    • I wish they would 'stand on the bit' and get
      going. It is most likely that the retails in the NE or
      independants anyway. It is hard to swallow paying premium at
      the pump when shares are so low. We should be looking
      for a timely split instead. If all those hands were
      'running pipe' instead of having to wait on the other guy
      maybe we would see some measurable turn around. Oh
      well, I guess all we can do is buy more now that it's

    • Some of you guys must be in the bottom quintile. All bets are off for this group.

    • What would Raymonds salary be...If he were paid
      for performance ? The management team he has
      surrounded himself with must really be stooges to be able to
      ignore the fact that the price of XON's underlying
      comoditiy has doubled in price, gas is up 20 - 30 % at the
      pump, and still the loses mount. One man killing 2
      companies this big, this quick is unprecedented and will be
      a case study for years to come.

    • Thanks for your "beatings will continue until
      morale improves" reply. Typical Exxon lifer: if you
      don't respond with humble gratitude for your daily bowl
      of swill, you're considered a traitor. How many
      times on how many boards does one see someone saying
      "if you don't like it, why don't you leave?" I didn't
      and I did. I've got lots of company too.

    • - it's part of my job to keep up on patnets in
      that area.

      BTW, you never answered my questions
      about your last post - those statements about "if he
      were as good as he says he is, he'd still be at XON
      getting the big bucks", etc.. sounded exactly like what I
      would expect (and have gotten) from run o' the mill XON
      managers. Can you spell Lackey ??

    • Who works for a petroleum company ?? I don't.
      Where are you getting your information from anyway

      You are partially right - I can do the XON management
      speak if I want to. The difference is that I don't
      believe it.

    • Union people in various departments get annual
      raises. I only worked in exploration and production and
      very few (<10%) could get a raise every 12 months.
      For most, the inteval was longer. For the unfortunate
      (bottom quintile?) I've heard of 30 months going by w/o a
      raise. My observation was the upper 10% was too busy
      trying to become Exxon managers (for whatever reason)
      that they were actually poorer technical contributors
      than those in the next 40%. The salary and rating
      structure is imperfect (it can't be perfect). There are
      people at the bottom who ought to be much higher, there
      are people at the top who ought to be much lower.
      Likewise, a lot of people are where they ought to be.

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