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  • redwingtiger redwingtiger Oct 5, 1999 9:42 AM Flag

    exxon email?

    Hey Tigers, noticed this morning that some Mobil folks have your email addresses in our Lotus Notes Mail addreess books Is the same true on your end?

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    • I should say that the overall behaviours of MOB
      management have improved over the years to their credit.
      Considering where they came from in the Alex Massad reign,
      they have moved down the road quite a ways. I just
      wouldn't go overboard and say in general that they are now
      that much different than any large corporate
      management team, XON or others. The evidence isn't there.

    • Some of the behaviors you talk about: never
      admitting wrong or defeat, tight-holing information, and
      being technically challenged are not just XON
      management phenomena. MOB has it too, it just may be a
      degree or two less and the communications aspect may be
      a bit better. Actually, XON mgmt sounds like MOB
      mgmt 10 years ago before the impact of programs such
      as E&P's "New Culture". In the late 80's this was an
      attempt to build a higher degree of teamwork and openness
      led by Paul Hoenmans (E&P leader at the time) but the
      results fell short of his expectations. Culture change is
      hard stuff, even with some senior level support
      because you are talking about changing people's
      behaviour, just slightly easier than herding

      Your comment on MOB mgmt changing towards the XON mold
      may in reality be going back to an old but familiar
      pattern for the age group that grew up in a similar

    • As you well know, not every single XON manager
      cannot admit he or she is wrong, and not every single
      one keeps all information to him or her self, and not
      every single one is technically challenged but
      considered him or herself to be the final technical expert
      on all matters. Just that most are. From my
      experience at XON, this was the norm. Those who did not fit
      this pattern were very much the exception - or at
      least if they weren't before they became managers, the
      system had beat them into the mold before

      Again speaking only from my experience, MOB seemed to
      be much nearer the reverse - those that fit the XON
      mold were in a distinct minority, though they did
      still - of course - exist. Your odds of working in a
      more tolerable - and even downright enjoyable -
      environment could be pretty high.

      Check some of the
      MOB board comments. It was very usual for MOB
      managers to get back from big meetings with important news
      and immediately call a group meeting and announce. At
      least one got a rather rude wake up call when he came
      back from an early merger transition team meeting and
      did just that thing. MOB apparently doesn't do that
      any more. XON's already beat it out of them. My first
      month at MOB, Lou Noto himself came and gave a talk and
      took open questions from the general employee audience
      (everyone was invited) and answered them all. And some
      pretty rude and/or pointed questions were

      Come on now PeterParker. Picture the fat man doing
      that. You can't, can you.

      Now ? The numbers are
      VERY small PeterParker. There's one and a half levels
      between me and the CEO. Can't really make any
      generalizations from so small a sample. But the current lineup is
      excellent on all counts.

      The bottom line, from my
      experience XON is unique in how bad it is, but others share
      some of those same traits. Their just not so prevalent
      as at XON.

    • PeterParker_aka_SpiderMan PeterParker_aka_SpiderMan Oct 12, 1999 10:46 PM Flag

      By definition, I could not be Exxon management
      because I did, in fact, admit that I made a mistake. Your
      experience with Exxon certainly would back that up. Was
      management in Mobil significantly different? How about where
      you are now? Or does Exxon hold a unique distinction
      in that regard?

      I can understand that, by
      design, you could/should not be involved with CP. It
      would be tough to avoid the appearance of using prior
      employment's proprietary information. How long does avoidance
      of the area last? Is there legal precedence for

      I, like you and many others, will get my lumps from
      GATT after 1/1/2000.

      Also, I am intrigued by
      your statement of "but we are more, much more." Please
      share more when you can.

      Cheers. Spidey.

    • If you are planning a vacation in Florida, beware
      of a company named Dreamtime Tours. I had a bad
      experience with them and I want to pass the word. Dreamtime
      Tours sent a fax to my employer (they probably have a
      massive fax list) hyping a �special� vacation package for
      $299.00, 7 days & 6 nights, land / cruise package in
      Florida and the Bahamas. It sounded too good to be true,
      but we went for it anyway. As it turns out, the
      accomodations were not good, but if you paid extra, you could
      �upgrade.� Plus, there were several other hidden charges and
      unpleasant surprises. While on the vacation, we talked with
      many other people who were also unhappy with Dreamtime
      Tours. Bottom line is, when planning a vacation, know
      who you�re dealing with and beware of �special
      deals.� Don�t let your �dream� vacation turn into a
      �nightmare.� Happy Trails!

    • What is going to happen when Exxon and Mobil do
      merge with the domestic benefits offered to gays,
      lesbians, etc. at Mobil?

      According to the Oct 26,
      1999 issue of the advocate..mobil is one of top 25
      companies to be gay friendly.

      ....After san fran
      based-based chevron led the way among oil companies in
      instituting domestic-partner benefits, Mobil, Shell, and BP
      Amoco quickly followed suit. Mobil hed on even after
      seven religious-right leaders wrote the the company's
      CEO to object tha the company was "subsidizing
      same-sex sexual activity"

    • are really not XON management - you admit making
      a mistake !!! (Of course, I know you aren't one,
      but with the lines you have been spouting of late, I
      would not blame anyone who doesn't know you from
      assuming you are).

      To your points - I am somewhat
      aware of the facility you seem obsessed with in the
      state of Washington. By design, however, I do not
      actually have any role in that project (though someone you
      know does !). My activities are strictly limited to
      other areas of technology.

      "Petroleum" service ?
      Perhaps. That would be part of it, but we are more, much
      more. Stay tuned.

      Too bad XON has not talked
      package yet, isn't it ? How are the GATT changes in lump
      sum calculations going to affect you ?? Just before
      or just after 1/1/2000 ?

    • PeterParker_aka_SpiderMan PeterParker_aka_SpiderMan Oct 12, 1999 6:20 PM Flag

      Sorry. Sent the previous message before editing.
      Should've said "petroleum service" company. I know which
      one it is. We all know which one it is. Even though
      you said that you had not been to the state of
      Washington, you are well aware of what is going on at Cherry

    • double, look it up !!!!

    • All employees could get the same percentage
      increase on the same date saving some administrative $$$
      and lots of supervisor and management time (more
      $$$). Of course, the incentive to work and compete
      would go away (see communism and labor unions). The
      poorest performers would receive the same rewards and
      recognition as the best performers. Believe it or not, in
      Exxon and Mobil and AT&T and Microsoft, and, and...
      there are good and poor performers.

      of management flaws (and there are lots of them in
      all companies) I'd prefer to hold stock in a company
      where top management is agressive, lean and mean. I
      hope you didn't dump XON prematurely - I agree with
      the postings that XON (XOM) will jump once the merger
      is approved and continue to rise as the merge
      activities happen and associated savings materialize.

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