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  • skirkel skirkel May 19, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Recent pop and patent infringement overhang?

    I presently have no position in VELT, however the recent pop certainly catches my attention. I'm assuming the recent pop is speculation that there is positive news in the upcoming May 22, 2012 at 4:30pm conference call regarding financial metrics. Is there any reason to believe this is positive news versus negative news? Any speculation on what the specific news is? Any other reason to explain the pop?

    I'm also trying to understand the plummet in PPS since early April. It appears that the stock turned down after the patent infringement claims made by Augme in early April. Are the patent infringement claims likely to prove true and is there a way to quantify the impact on VELT from a business and financial perspective? Was there anything in the latest financial reports indicating that future sales will be impacted until this overhang is cleared up? It is my understanding that in patent infringement cases, not only the company infringing is liable, but the users (customers) of the technology are also liable.

    It appears that the precipitous drop after March earnings was primarily due to 1) major reduction in available cash; 2) increase in days to collect accounts receivable; 3) dependency on European customer base. Any insight as to whether the cash was well spent from a growth perspective?


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    • Looks as if Augme is throwing a handful of lawsuits out (AOL,Yahoo,etc) hoping one will stick. Velti will probably counter sue and will work out a settlement. It's done routinely. Anyone can sue, few succeed. StrongMail forming a strategic partnership with velti is another positive that will increase revenue. More will follow. I expect this company to prosper and regain momentum once buyers realize it's potential.

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      • You'd be well served to better educate yourself on the issues and merits of Augmes claims. I would expect Velti to file a counterclaim as it is customary but I'd also expect it dismissed because they would be frivelous and Augme does not infringe any of Velti's very few patents. All of which are weak at best. I'm very experienced in patents and will only tell you that Velt and you should not be so quick to dismiss the potential ultimate implications of the suit. I understand the issue very personal, nobody likes to be sued, but a foriegn company may not begin doing business in the US and show a total disregard for American patent laws and those who legally own inventions that you are exploiting as a main revenue driver of your business model.

    • You seem to have set up this new alias to continue your hot air speculations on stocks you are on their wrong sides. Remember the last time you did this on the other board, and I was the one who called you out. VELT news on Tuesday will be so positive that anyone who has a short position in this stock will have his head handed over to him. Just so you know.

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      • Yes I am a new user to the Yahoo boards... not new alias... just new period. Not sure what you elude to regarding calling me out.

        Regardless, if you actually read and understood my post you would understand that I am simply doing my due diligence. While I may not have experienced either the pain or the gain that others have on this board with VELT, the recent pop has intrigued me as a potential buy, however I do so with great reservation. At this point I am neither long nor short on this stock. There are obviously reasons why this stock was beaten down and I am sure there are reasons to support both a positive and a negative sentiment. In my post I summarized what I saw to be the overhangs on this stock and was inquiring about what good news might be coming and whether I had missed anything material.

        Sorry, I just find posts like yours so useless. Perhaps you are right and "news on Tuesday will be so positive" and that shorts will have there heads handed over to them... but where's the substance in your post?... the data to support your thesis? Again, if you actually read my post you and since you were compelled to respond, you could have used this as an opportunity to substantiate your bullish thesis versus just adding to the useless noise (positive or negative).

        If you have something constructive to add, I'm open. If not, please don't waste my time.

    • I can understand your caution on taking a position in this stock. Having said that, you can find answers to many of your questions by research. If you look at last weeks motley fool and other articles, you will find some of your answers. You might also read the positive comments made during their earnings report(10K). As to Tuesdays discussion, I would expect it to be positive because they should have given any bad news during their ER, that is my opinion only. gl

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      • Thanks for the response. Prior to posting I had already read many of the references you mention. Surprisingly, however, there does not seem to be much discussion on the pending litigation except that it is pending. This includes discussion on this board. I have not been able to find anything that quantifies this overhang and its potential impact on VELT's business. e.g. how all encompassing are these patents to VELT's business and what is the impact on future sales until this is cleared. I don't believe the recent ER report even mentions this overhang. As to the remainder of my post, I was simply trying to summarize and validate my understanding of the drivers to get VELT to this PPS and inquire whether I had missed anything material. Thanks again.