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  • sumtin14nic sumtin14nic Nov 16, 2012 12:06 PM Flag


    You guys will be sorry you didnt buy here in a few months. online ads are soo important, and they are leaders. sure aapl and fb are sour bringing down everything but that will change, co's will open up their pockets you must do online advertising or be left in the dark, watch and learn!! this is a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I'm sorry i bought any at all. The $3.56 new low is saying otherwise. This POS has been a huge sink.

    • First let me say I am long (unfortunately) this POS. So afford me the pleasure of ranting here over my (and most others) loss. Velt ranks as one of THEE WORST stock picks I have made in at least 10 years. You have to be in denial or delusional (or maybe both) to think this company now represents an upside opportunity in anything that resemebles the near future. This stock is BROKE and its not going to get fixed any time soon. You are talking over a year in the making. And that is being generous in view of the Three Stooges running this company. Need proof? Just look at the PPS. In almost 2 years (Jan '11-Nov. 12') the PPS is down...WHAT?.....75%. That ain't BROKE? Just look at this year. In May right after the CC this thing tanked almost 50% in 10 days. Response from Mgmt? NADA, or anything that stemmed the fall. Then the Nov. CC? Another tanking. Maybe we should prohibit the Stooges from giving any further CC's. Every time they open their mouth this thing does has just one result and it ain't good. It just floors me how they gave a EBITDA guidance in the middle of the quarter that was an increase and then weeks later miss it by a wide margin. HELLO....was the CFO on vacation? What? Does such a foul up make you warm all over that ANYBODY in management knows what they are doing? That in about 6 weeks time your own prediction is out of wack. Were they looking at the financials or reading Mad Magazine? I can only hope that at this PPS some other company (which is also run by idiots because it would have to) buys this POS.

    • What a gift. I'm in at 3.62. Was waiting since this was in the 8s.