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  • zzaofijb zzaofijb Nov 19, 2012 7:17 PM Flag

    Could YHOO buy VELT?

    That would be a HR for YHOO, to get into mobile marketing, and they have the cash.
    I am a believer in this deal.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • And what PPS do you have Yahoo paying in your little dream? Bagholders are not going to take less than $13-15, and it's hard to see why the recent confirmation of the poor quality of Velti's receivables and the general low business acumen of "management", not to mention the collapse of the PPS below $4, should make a takeover bidder willing to pay that much.

      If Yahoo wanted to pay $14 they could have done it when the price was $8. If the collapse to $4 makes them willing to pay $8, then there wouldn't be enough bagholders to accept it. Yes?

      You can bet that analysts and maybe even PE firms and possible bidders are even now going over Velti's receivables in great detail. If no bid emerges by next earnings, AND if there is no signicant recovery of the PPS SOON, you can bet it's because they STINK, and no one wants to touch them with a ten-foot pole.

      If VELT stays below $5 for another 7 days, how many more institutions will be forced into sales?

      Not saying there's no value in VELT, just that management are either going to have to show it, or get the f. out.

      Disclosure: Chief Baggie.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Your problem is you are thinking in the present. The future is what VELT is all about. In 2-3 years mobile advertising and whatever else electronics people are using will have ads ads ads, julst like on TV and VELT is the leader in this beaten down sector now, so when the sector rises, so does VELT, and what to really smart people do, BUY BEATEN DOWN STOCKS, you are living in the present, people who make money live towards the future.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy