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  • beststocktrades2 beststocktrades2 Jan 31, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    Ok, What is the news' Why is this declining?

    I dont get it.

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      "Hey "desperatca" at what price would be good to get out tomorrow if I bought in at 5.40 i'm sitting on a big loss and I would rather liquidate and ride the new trend to make up for the loss."

      My fault I posted this and never came back until now. Im guessing you already sold but yea you should've sold as soon as I posted this. Like I said technicals showed there would be no rise back to 5 and if you got back to 4.50 you'd lose it in the same day. And yep... It did exactly what I said it would. Traded sideways off of 4. Didnt hit 4.50 like I figured but the closest it got was 4.39 (FEB TH) and lost that the same day . Closing lower never to go back. With a slow ride down to 3. Techincals showed it all 3 weeks ahead. If you know what to look for.

      So if you got out that week you did good. Dont hold on to it anymore.... like I said before this stock isn't rising back to 5 anytime soon.

    • Looks like they said on that conference BK is on the way the way i's trading, nice conference indeed,, what a buch of suckers running this company, going to 3.5 and fast

    • The CFO basically said that EBIDTA would be down this year and that cash flow could be an issue in the first half of the year, with no numbers, no information, just a babbling idiot who was covering himself after he spent all day bashing the current position to the company to analysts 1 on 1. The guy is a worthless piece of trash.

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      • Its not that deep. $5.40 is overbought for this stock. When I bought in in November technicals showed way back then that my ride up was to 5's. Thats where the 50 day and 100 day SMA moving average was at for the year. That's an overbought resistance price line for all stocks. Got in at 3.60 in November and rode it up to 5.40 last week then got out. When the weekly price moving averge lines crossed and started falling showing my ride was over.

        The difference between you and me is that I study my stocks to the tee and know exactly whats gonna happen and when its gonna hapoen. At all times. Any other move, while buying stocks with large amounts of money, is gambling. I dont gamble.

        Yea, soox to be u.

      • "covering himself after he spent all day bashing the current position to the company to analysts 1 on 1." ........... What do you mean by bashing the current position to the company?