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  • icgemanagementloser icgemanagementloser Feb 1, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    Would love to see news of another $20 mln - $30 mln deal news

    Would love to see news of another $20 mln - $30 mln deal news. Didn't the CEO mention that pipeline is stronger than ever and that Velti is the only company with deals in 8 figures? Any guess what happens if news hit the street of a large $25 mln deal? I say straight to $7+ imho

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    • Unfortunately after the CFO's comments, you can forget about any new eight or even seven figure contracts in the quarter. Why would a company go "all in" with Velti if the CFO had just hemmed and hawed about how difficult it might be just to get through the next six months. It's tough enough for a small company to get business without the CFO raising doubts about whether the company will be around in six months. Hopefully there's a pipeline of deals to prove me wrong given I'm in this for 30K shares at 3.91.

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      • Gomer, you're up in spite of yourself in case you didn't notice. Not very smart to deliberately buy a stock with its customers thinking its not going to be around in 6 months. If you really believed that, why buy at 3.91? There was nothing said, or inferred, or alluded to, or otherwise meant to say, Velti doesn't have the ability to fund or operationally execute ANY business they choose to take on from a financial or operating perspective. In fact, they said they carry the ability to do 7-10 27mil deals simultaneously across several geographies. Listen to the Webcast... I'll repeat, if you're actually long at 3.91, you're up now, in case you havent noticed. .