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  • dmentzer dmentzer Mar 12, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    Earnings and pps

    No doubt we have been beaten up on this stock. I truly bought the story of mobile advertising and got caught. I invested a substantial amount of money in this company and may lose it all. Of all the things I have learned, never invest with money you can't lose. Thus, I am here to stay for better or worse. The market has clearly marked velti as a show me the money company. Until they do, the pps will languish. There was something terribly wrong with the this stock has traded and somewhere somebody should get caught but won't. This is the story of micro cap investing. GLTA

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Man, I feel your pain. I may be the world's biggest idiot, far bigger than you. I am not a kid, but had never really traded a stock before in my life (401ks notwithstanding). But I got a GREAT tip on Velti by someone closely associated with the company. A GREAT tip! So what did I do? I invested fully half of my life's savings when the stock was at $10.00 per share. Yes, that's correct. Half of my life's savings at $10.00 per share. How dumb am I to have believed the flim-flam? Pretty dumb. I still believe this space is set to explode, but boy this company has let me down. Do I take an 80 percent loss and recoup what little is left? Or do I just hold and see if I can do without it for a couple of years? Any advice is welcome, and sorry for the whining.

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      • belbezre Mar 12, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

        No problem, this isn't whining we are all in the same problem here for some its worst than others but all i can tell you is that hold on to whatever you have, im down 70% and 70% loss is the same as 100% to me maybe you should think the same. dont give your shares out to the #$%$ and let them take advantage of you. this will be run back up believe me, i cant predict the timing but i can assure you it will be run back up at some point. millions of shares are being sold based on emotions now and only one party is buying, who wants to own a #$%$ company, the big investment firms are stealing all these shares at 2 and they will run it back up and sell them again for 4 sometime soon sit and watch. I will probably hold till the end of 2013 you will see the company's progress on next earnings call which should be soon, and the clearer pic will be in Q2 earnings only then one can say this company is awesome or terrible. Good luck and at the end of the day only health is our most valuable asset the rest is material and it will come and go.

      • might as well hold. I thought I had it bad and I bought some at 3.20. Hopefully this after hours trading is overdone and we head a bit higher tomorrow. There are a whole bunch of shorts that are very happy right now and may be looking to cover. A bit of a squeeze could bring us back to 3 but did you hear that guidance? The CFO sounds like he is planning on committing suicide. Not one thing he said had a positive connotation and although he did predict most of what he said, he does not sound "excited".

      • Almost every "insider" tip I have ever gotten has been false. I do not trade based on tips, but I follow the ones I get and they are usually bad.

    • belbezre Mar 12, 2013 5:36 PM Flag

      I completely share your frustration as i'm in the same boat as you are. This stock wont see light any time soon, management was very conservative in their responses. The company has bad business and there is no way back now lose it all or make it all. Hang on to your shares and dont do like these fools did and sell your position for peanuts, you dont incur the loss until you sell so in my books this is still worth a lot more than 2 bucks and it will go back up someday this year if the company is still around. They have no #$%$ cash at all, so again either lose it all or make it all