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  • adamwangwang47 adamwangwang47 Mar 14, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

    Plan A will work with Ross

    Humble facts


    Peter Misek - Jefferies & Company, Inc., Research Division

    Can we walk through cash flow quarterly for the remainder of the year, and walk us through why we don't need a capital raise to ensure that you're going concerned? Because as it stands now, it doesn't look like you're going concerned. It looks like you're violating your debt covenants, and it looks like you need the capital infusion in order to keep the business going.

    Jeffrey G. Ross

    So where we stand right now, it will be tight. I mean, I think that we would -- we acknowledge that it's going to be tight based upon the timing upon the timing of certain payments. However, we believe that now we have the potential of getting through this without a capital raise. And at this point, we have no definitive plans, one way or the other, to do anything with respect to raising capital. We are trying to be responsible with respect to the interest of our shareholders, and we understand the options that are out there, but at this point, we think we can manage the business from a very tight cash flow basis. So walking you through the numbers. At the end of Q1, we are close to working capital needs for the business. In Q2 -- and we are working with the timing of certain acquisition payments that perhaps provides us with a little bit more flexibility in that regard. Once we move into Q2, it's pretty much a flat year or a flat month quarter for us with respect to cash flow. And then once we get into Q3, we believe that we start generating cash flow under our model.

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