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  • bullinvestor2003 bullinvestor2003 Mar 14, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    IMPORTANT: Beware of newly created Yahoo ID's bashing - for example" j.jacobs" who claims to be short since $10

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    Beware of newly created Yahoo ID's bashing - for example" j.jacobs" who claims to be short since $10 on VELT but his ID has been barely created a just 10 days ago. VELT hasn't been $10 for at least 3 months now. Also you will notice the amount of posts that have made within days their ID has been created which is clear sign they are paid bashers.

    Most new bashers have their ID's created within last few days or week(s) so be careful as they all are paid bashers or short sellers or others with hidden agenda or motive. There are so many such paid bashers here I just listed a few so beware folks. Be smart and don't let these paid bashers fool you and scare you with their false informations.

    Check my ID: bullinvestor2003
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    • Bullinvestor - great observation.
      I looked and find this board is infected with these newly created ID's and most you will notice have been posting negative messages. Signs of paid bashers given they post so many posts daily since their newly created identities. I have been Y! for almost 10 yrs and you will notice how many posts I have made and now compare to some of these newbies that came here in last few days and have hundreds of posts all bearish. Criminals all I have to say. Sad we live amongst criminals all over in real world and even in cyberspace more scary we don't even know until we discover.

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