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  • zz_azimi zz_azimi Mar 27, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    Compelling platform, market does not get it yet

    Velti having a sell-side platform and buy-side platform is unique. Velti is the only one in the market. Couple that with the marketing data velti has (that other networks do not), is extremely valuable. The market does not understand the significance yet. It will over time. Todays news is really game changing

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    • a lot of us in this "mobile" space do get it, hence the buying at these levels

    • Like I said before, you make the real money by having a vision and following logic. It looks downright depressing for shareholders when their stock is trading at an all-time low when the markets are at an all-time high. But the company is NOT going BK. They will ammend their HSBC LOC in the next couple of weeks and report it in the 20-F filing. With accounts receivable coming in from sales back in 2010-11, sale completion of their Balkan assets and the flexibility to pay for their acquisitions next year, the company has a 80% chance of making it thru to 4Q13 without diluting. The market is playing the 20% fear factor right now. Worst case, they need to dilute 10% and they will be fine moving forward. Once this fear is gone in the next 3-4 months (either way), the stock will rocket back up. They have a new business plan that provides 30-40% growth over the next 5 years, with profits and positive cash flow. They have a sell-side and buy-side platform now. And there is an enormous short position that needs to cover sooner or later.

      If you can look past the current depression cycle as the company switches gears, you are looking at a 8-9 bagger from here by Christmas 2014 even in the worst case with dilution. Sounds ludicrous at this point but with earnings around 50 cents next year (conservative), and worst case OS of 80M shares (IF they dilute), we are talking about a stock price of $15-20 for a PEG of around 1 (assuming 30-35% growth). Ignore the stock movement now unless you want to trade for dimes. This is a a long term play and those with the vision will make out like bandits.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Agree how today's launch of Velti Media will be a game changer not just for Velti but the entire industry. It is most effective way for advertisers from current market options including Google's AdMob.
      Let us hope that few wallstreet firms see the potential from today's news and upgrade the stock if not for anything else just based on valuation basis.
      Its a shame to see how traders kept the lid today and made the stock price reflect as if this news was meaningless. Today's news will make folks at Google, Melliniall Media and Facebook start thinking of ways to combat or consider acquiring Velti quicker than they may have originally considered.

    • I agree with what you are saying about their product. However, until we read they've made arrangements with the bank and up coming debt, we not see too much movement. IMO. It wouldn't hurt either, if Jeff gave up the helm.

    • I agree 100%. Give it time. GLTA!