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  • bullinvestor2003 bullinvestor2003 Apr 23, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    Considering selling more of my FSLR I bougth at $13.25 and buy 50k more VELT at $1.50 - $1.60

    Considering selling more of my FSLR I bougth at $13.25 and buy 50k more VELT at $1.50 - $1.60 to bring my cost average down to under $2.75 for my holding of 125,000

    Any of you suggest this move or should I just keep my FSLR and hold the large VELT instead of adding more? Current price of VELT is so low and I don't plan on flipping after I buy for at least 2 yrs or $10 (whichever occurs first). Please advise. Serious responses only pl.

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    • Hold your VELT, sell 1/2 of your FSLR, and buy JKS with the other half. I own all three, anyway, JKS is poised to pop hard in next few weeks, check it out! Cheers!

    • Between FSLR and Velt your paper gain today must be pretty good.

    • i will be the contrarian here and tell you to buyt more. i bought more by liquidating a certain stock ive held for 3 years at a 15k loss, so i can get in while the gettin is good. i wouldnt blink to go against diversification. who really cares anyways. not to be crabby, but in 40-50 years does any of this really matter when we are 6 feet under? have fun

    • Since you stated you will have the patience to last a couple years with your investment in Velti, I would hold off on buying more. Why? The next earnings from Velti will still be bad, pushing the stock to 1.10-1.15 range. At that time you can make the decision to buy at that level. You know what "opportunity cost" is, the highest forsaken alternative value. The $ 75K you are thinking of investing can be used better somewhere else. Just my two cents.

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      • I believe that Q1 will be negative, but unless the news is so bad, i.e. Q4, Q3 Q1 2012, I would otherwise expect a drop of 2 to 5% after Q1 earnings. Q1 2011 was negative. The wildcard is the new CFO. He seems somewhat conservative in his projections, so maybe they hit consensus.

      • Agree. Having a position in $VELT, assuming that a turn around is in order, it will be a lengthy process as seen with $OCZ. There are many reasons $VELT is trading at these levels, and in time will trade around $2 then trend upwards. Other investments out there for sure. Some alternative plays to look into $OCZ on turnaround/buyout (they will not delist) $MEDL great small company poised to pop w hang w/, $AMPE has 3 blockbuster drugs, no news yet so you can take advantage on the next dip (got in at $3.92) $MITK I expect good earnings on 5/2, $INO and $ONCS both long term investments, and $CVC on buyout, $CYCC on blockbuster drug. Good luck

    • I'm holding off until after the earnings call. The problem I still have is this outstanding issue of when payment to MIG in stock will occur and how it will be determined, e.g. average of 20 business days in March or some average based on April, or will MIG allow deferment of the stock payment since they got the cash? If the payment to MIG in stock happens before earnings, I'll see where the stock settles and then revisit. Chances are whenever it happens, it will come out of left field when Velit announces that they filed a Form
      F-3 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

      To get a sense of what I'm talking about, go to Velti's "Financial Announcements" section of the Investors part of the site and find the "Velti Files to Register Shares Issued for Mobclix and Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) Acquisitions" announcement dated May 31, 2012. Based on the Q4 earnings call, the cash has been paid ($16.5) to MIG , but the remaining payment in stock hasn't as best I can tell, i.e., no F-3 has been filed.

      Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but the stock price is so low and there is no positive news that I can foresee in the near term. I believe if the stock took a hit because of the above, then it will languish at that level for a while until we some positive news in late summer. But you have to make your own call.

    • I am a big holder like you and have cost basis of $2.3 but have 200k shares.

      Unfortunately I am 100% in this.

      Lucky you, you are more disciplined than me.