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  • seekingprofits247 seekingprofits247 May 13, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    Failed in the geographic regions that matter...

    For the quarter, the geographic breakdown of revenues is as follows: The Americas generated $11.8 million or 29% of revenue compared with $13.3 million or 26% of revenues in Q1 2012. Western Europe, including the U.K., which was previously reported separately, generated $14.9 million or 36% of our revenue compared with $18.3 million or 35% of our revenue in Q1 2012.

    No news on China and India was mentioned in passing, but my biggest concern as already mentioned by others is the need for another capital infusion. The anaylsts got it right the last time, and Jeff got it wrong. Capital infusion was needed. Jeff said basically the same thing in Q1 on this topic as he's saying for Q2. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice....

    I'm out and won't consider getting back in until the end of Q2. Good luck to those of you who are sticking with Velti.

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    • Where is India and China???? Hmmmm .... let me think.....oh yeah........

      ...And finally, Asia and Africa generated $9.5 million or 23% of our revenue compared with $7.2 million or 14% of our revenue in Q1 of 2012.

      Come on man, are you really that ignorant?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • You need to read carefully, "regions that matter", i.e., Americas, Western Europe, including the U.K. If they can't growth here, they are in serious trouble. I called out China and India not as a region, but because specific acquisitions were made in those countries to boost revenues. Yet no discussion. Don't you even notice how they call out UK (MIG) as part of "Western Europe" on the calls, yet China (CASEE) and India (Air2Web) aren't discussed. MIG is called out because that is where the money has been coming from. Why are the results from these specific acquisitions,China (CASEE) and India (Air2Web) masked and the UK (MIG) always touted? I specifically asked if they could address these countries specifically and they consistently don't. You have to ask why?

        You want to stay in Velti, buy when Barry Houlihan, General Manager, Western Europe buys shares. Whoops, did you notice how he left out "including the U.K.:" in his title? There's a reason they tout UK on the calls and they don't do the same for India and China when talking about "Asia". You better learn how to dig deep in your research otherwise you'll be burying your money in a money pit. Remember, Barry Houlihan is the secret to your success, buy when he buys. For your sake, I hope you don't take a beating today. I just followed Barry's lead when he sold 2+ million shares last week. Good luck.

    • i even was going to sell at 1.97 and either rebuy at a much lower price (anticipating a nice slide down tomorrow) or take the same money and buy 13000 shares of MM. oh well, guess im in it for a while as i already sold a certain security already for a loss to buy big at 1.59. timing was right but didnt think we would retest. oh well. more pain before the good stuff i guess

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      • not convinced the bottom will fall out tomorrow... nothing really changed today ... we have all the same issues prior to the CC , not really any new ones .. other than cash is still tight and might not make it through Q'2, which we already knew, or ought to have known. EBIDTA and cash flow guidance remains unchanged, which has been the priority since Mr Ross came on board, it is still 100% back end loaded and the confidence level of VELTS ability to deliver i don't think has improved, but probably didn't worsen. It is a #$%$ shoot. ( they are at least trying to do the right things albeit maybe too late, lower ccpex, head count reduction, shedding non profitable businesses , etc )

        I am sure you will get bruised but i am not expecting to see blood :)

        If they do draw blood i will be a buyer once again.