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  • edharris758 edharris758 Jul 17, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    I am a robot, not concerned at all, you can not and will not have my shares, Hjablmoe you around?

    This stock is playing out just like AKAM in July of 2002, bankruptcy talk, shares being walked down under a buck, the whole nine yards. Truth is, VELT has contracts with real companies, just like AKAM did. Cost cutting measures will set this ship sailing, even if stock price hits 75 cents. Bet 99% of investors buying thousands of shares would be happy with 2 bucks now, let alone seeing the big picture (7-20+ per share).

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    • Got to be as cold as a robot. I am already down more than 10% from what I thought was a reasonable price and base (1.30). Didn't see why an analyst PT reduction (to $1.50), for no reason other than he was probably #$%$ off by Moukas last year, would cause the stock to crater so much in 2 days on little more than daily average volume. Not going to try to time this. No matter how much it is beaten up, it will rise to the $8 range next year if they can achieve $40M cash flow. There is no evidence to the contrary (industry or company specific) that Ross & Co. cannot meet those conservative targets for a $300MM revenue company. SOL has already tripled from these levels on improving fundamentals. Even ailing OCZ is up to $1.60s from these levels.

    • One thing missing in your analysis is that NASDAQ bubble had just burst and markets were punishing all companies both good and bad. So akam was punished along withe market.

      What is Nasdaq right now, 3600 hitting a 10 year high.

      Velt problems are specific to Velt.

      Velt might recover but is not guaranteed.

    • Go to page 2800 of AKAM or 3000 of PCLN. You will find the same bashers, as the company goes from hyper growth to organic growth.

      These stocks are my favorite. they don't trade with the market at all, and will do their own thing. AKAM one day went down 9% on a day in 2002 when the down went up 435 points.